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04 Sep 2016

Recently, we put the call out to readers asking how women can thrive.

More than 100 of you responded within just a few hours, sharing a number of ideas on how women can de-stress, energise, and get started in the morning.

We’ve taken a look at the responses and wanted to present a list of the top ten things women can do to de-stress. These are based on some of our favourite ways readers revealed on how they relax and manage their wellbeing.  

Could they work for you? Take a look.

Get outside and run. It’s simple and it’s easy. And around 15% of responses listed this as their number one go-to – with some mentioning they get as much out of the treadmill, with a good podcast to listen to. A couple of women specifically suggested trail running, as a way to connect with nature.

Exercise. If running’s not your thing, then get moving by walking, taking a class at the gym, or getting involved in team sports. Schedule it in, make it fun, use it to socialize – just do it.

Read a book. Preferably do it somewhere in the sun (in Winter) and by the pool (in Summer).

Take a friend out for a coffee. Better yet, schedule a coffee every month with the same friend, so you can regularly catch-up and share your highs and low.

Laugh. Yes do. Life’s fun, and often extremely funny.

Meditate. If you know how. If you don’t, you can always learn -- start by searching through the dozens of apps available on your phone. 

Play with your kids – or your nieces, your nephews. Really play with them. Get on the floor and be a three year old. See the world from their eyes, and discover the excitement that comes with identifying a tree, or an animal, or searching for rocks or shells on the ground.

Drink wine. Even the simple action of pouring a great glass of red or white can be an excellent way to unwind after a big day. From there, sip and enjoy.  

Listen and dance. Get your headphones in, and you unleash your inner dork. Get dancing in the house when no one’s watching, or when everyone else is asleep.

Sleep in. If only? Well when you can, do it.

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