How to value and inspire yourself to make money

In this piece from our friends at Financy, Lorna Jane Clarkson and Amanda Rose share tips on staying positive and learning how to value yourself like a winner.

When you build a business, life can get tougher than you had ever imagined. Yet if one thing can be said about many successful business women, a positive mindset and asking for what you want, are keys to thriving.

Women with courage are no longer few and far between in the Australian business world. They’re growing in numbers and inspiring others.

From the chief of active-wear company Lorna Jane, who most recently called for the winner of the federal election to do more to “create genuine change” for the country, to serial entrepreneur Amanda Rose who wants us to ditch the term mumpreneur because it de-values women.

Below, Amanda shares her tips on how women can get better at valuing their own self-worth.

But first some words of wisdom from Lorna Jane Clarkson thanks to The Investment Series by production team No More Practice.


Amanda Rose has a busy life. She’s host of Amanda Rose TVThe Business Woman Mediaand Western Sydney Women. So what’s her business mindset like and how does she stay on track?  We ask her the questions.

What is a woman’s greatest strength and weakness in business?

“Strength is her ability to persevere and her natural instincts, her weakness is not channelling her perseverance in the right areas and not listening to her instincts.”

What do you think of the term mumpreneur?

“It de-values a woman who is running a business and also happens to be a mum. It tells the world they are juggling kids with trying to run a micro business. Nothing about that term says “business” or success. Rather the word struggle comes to mind.”

How do women hold themselves back financially in business?

“They never ask for what they really want and what they deserve. They don’t stand their ground. Mostly because they lack confidence in their ability and that is because they rely on other people’s approval and acceptance when it comes to their value.”

How can they overcome this?

“Call bluff. Save your money. Stop wasting your money on rubbish to make you look successful when you’re not. The biggest power is to NOT need anyone or anything. If you are ready to walk away then you are ready to negotiate.

Also embrace using the word NO.”

Why do some women in business fear other women in business?

“They feel threatened. Women who don’t focus on their own journey and don’t really believe they can make it will see every woman as a threat. Even if they are in a different industry. Women blame men for their lack of success whilst at the same time try and take down other women. No wonder why we’re screwed.”

What has your money journey been like in business from start up?

“I am self-funded and always have been. I started with nothing after a divorce and crawled my way back. I did what I had to do to earn what I needed to invest back into my businesses. I respect my money. I don’t waste it. I invest it wisely. I also enjoy it.”

What would be your best money advice to women?

“My favourite saying when it comes to money is “We buy things we don’t need with the money we don’t have to impress the people we don’t like “by financial writer Dave Ramsay.

“The second you stop being controlled by brand names and status you will simultaneously gain control of your life and happiness.”

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