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    Caltex Australia

    Caltex Australia Limited is a publicly listed company trading on the Australian Securities Exchange. Based in Sydney, Caltex Australia is the nation’s leading fuels marketer and is underpinned by a flexible and reliable supply chain.

    Caltex Australia Limited is a publicly listed company trading on the Australian Securities Exchange. Based in Sydney, Caltex Australia is the nation's leading fuels marketer and is underpinned by a flexible and reliable supply chain.

    The company trades under the Caltex® brand, with wholesale, commercial and retail marketing operations in all states and territories. Caltex Australia operates 12 storage terminals and 89 depots across Australia and has access to product supply at another 12 terminals. Caltex also owns and operates two oil refineries, one near Sydney and the other near Brisbane. These two refineries account for more than a third of Australia's total capacity.

    Caltex is a leading convenience retailer, with a national network of more than 650 Star Mart stores. Caltex supplies fuel to more than 2,000 service stations, including company-owned and franchised sites, resellers, independent operators and Caltex Woolworth's co-branded outlets. The company also sells directly to commercial and industrial customers of all sizes, including transportation, aviation and agricultural enterprises. Caltex Australia supplies more than one-third of all transportation fuels sold in the country.

    Life at this Company

    At Caltex, we keep more than one third of Australians on the move every day, whether it's by land, sea or air. This important job is made a lot easier because we're managed right here in Australia and that's good news if you're a person who likes to get things done and make a real difference.

    If you want to make an impact, be rewarded for your work, be yourself, all while meeting people who have the same drive as you, get your career in motion with Caltex - We keep Australia moving.

    Our culture is open, friendly and feels like a big family. Our core company values act as a roadmap to ensure we continue to grow and enable millions to keep moving.

    We're big on diversity and believe that including people from all walks of life can help grow our company.

    Our workplace is progressive, safe, flexible and designed to help you work at your best. Whether that's through our flexible hours and the option to work from home or our innovative BabyCare package.

    Our 'open door' policy gives you access to senior management and key decision makers. You really do have an opportunity to influence the direction of the company.

    Our supportive leadership team will help you develop and achieve your goals. Every employee can learn and develop within their current role or experience a different role within the business.

    At Caltex, you can shape the future of the company while being rewarded for your performance. We have highly competitive pay, bonus and reward structures that are sure to motivate you to perform at your best.

    Life at Caltex Australia

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    Step up and be counted in the workplace

    June 29, 2015

    Confidence is one thing, but having a strategy, seeking the right advice and even getting more education can help you secure the career you want.

    Knowing one’s worth can be an underlying struggle in any professional’s career. In particular, women can feel they lack the seniority, expertise or contacts to apply for a promotion or pay rise. Others might feel qualified for a new role, but seem to be consistently overlooked by management.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the national gender pay gap is currently at 18.8% with men coming out on top. The source of the discrepancy is complex, but gaining confidence and recognition in the workplace can be an important step for women hoping to maximise their pay potential.

    Louise Harvey-Wills, Executive General Manager, People at NAB, says even in egalitarian workplaces women can do more to leverage their skills.

    “You can be working somewhere with the best policies, programs and practices that give both men and women the same career opportunities, but if you don’t believe in yourself and take advantage of the career opportunities then you may be compromising your personal value.”

    Those career opportunities might not be immediately obvious. With women often feeling as though they need to be overqualified for a position, Harvey-Wills says they should be proactive and try to push their own boundaries.

    “To get noticed we should all take chances and step out of our comfort zones to make this happen. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you.”

    That same proactive solution can apply to women who feel undervalued in the workplace. Harvey-Wills advises women to communicate directly with their senior managers, raising constructive solutions, not just complaints.

    Don’t just wing it

    Taking control over one’s career requires not just confidence, but also time and research.

    “One tip I have for women to improve and gain more confidence around financial matters and their careers is to ensure they invest the adequate time in themselves,” says Harvey-Wills. “Talk to people who have the knowledge and skills that you’re after.”

    She also recommends women thoroughly research both global and local trends in their industries and other markets.

    “And leverage your networks to test your thinking and your reasoning to give you the confidence you need.”

    The importance of role models, sponsors and mentors – one’s personal board of directors – should not be underestimated, notes Harvey-Wills.

    “Your sponsors are integral in your career progression and development, so use them.”

    The professional networks gained in the course of a woman’s career can help expand her skills and consolidate her expertise.

    For those looking to gain new skills or change the direction of their career, education can also be a valuable source of confidence. Study, says Harvey-Wills, can give professionals new ways of utilising their existing skills, and challenge their thinking.

    However, she advises women think carefully about what they hope to gain from study before embarking on a new course.

    “When determining if study is right for you, be clear on what you want to achieve from it and how it relates to your career aspirations,” she says.

    “Technical skills and experience are important and can often be achieved learning on the job or from a secondment opportunity.”

    Success lies in your attitude

    Ultimately, Harvey-Wills says, having the right attitude can be one of the biggest assets in a woman’s career.

    “You need to have the confidence and self-belief to back yourself, whatever your age or experience. If you believe you can do something and present it confidently, then you minimise the chance of underselling your true skills and the value you can bring,” she explains.

    “Be authentic to your values. If you are true to yourself, your ambitions and your priorities, it can only strengthen your earning potential.”

    For more information on NAB’s Start Counting program visit:

    Written by: Jessie Richardson

    What's on offer at Caltex Australia

    Partner Content

    In order to qualify as a Select Employer, we ask employers to address at least 60% of the ten items on the Select Employer criteria list including:

    Senior leadership

    The employer has a rising number of women in senior positions and a pipeline of female talent.

    Since the formation of Caltex’ CEO led Diversity & Inclusion Council in early 2011, female representation in the succession talent pool and in managerial roles has increased.

    Flexible careers

    The employer can demonstrate where flexible working arrangements have led to promotions.

    At Caltex, we work hard to support the needs of our talented people as their life demands evolve and change. We offer a range of flexible working solutions to enable our people to more effectively balance their career with their personal life.

    We also survey our people every year to check that these solutions are meeting their needs. From this survey we know that our people feel comfortable talking to their managers about working flexibly, have the technology to support them to productively work remotely and make use of leave policies that enable them to support family needs.

    This is because in recent years, we have implemented a range of leave, technology and support programs to create a flexible workplace and a progressive and supportive culture.

    International travel

    The employer offers opportunities for employees to gain experience in international markets.

    As Caltex Australia is locally-based, most travel opportunities are within Caltex’s vast Australia-wide network.

    Parental Leave

    The employer offers paid parental leave.

    Caltex recognises that returning to work after caring full-time for a newborn baby can be challenging, both emotionally and financially. In addition to providing twelve weeks paid parental leave, Caltex also supports the happy and effective return to work of our primary carer employees, with the Caltex BabyCare Package – a set of benefits available up until their baby’s second birthday, including:

    • BabyCare Bonus: Caltex pays a 3% bonus each quarter to a primary carer once they return to work until their child’s second birthday.

    • Emergency BabyCare: Caltex provides returning primary carers with access to Dial-An-Angel mothercraft nurses or carers, for ad-hoc emergencies.

    • Help identifying appropriate childcare: Caltex provides access to Work |Life Links, a specialist service that assists parents locate the type of childcare they want for their baby.

    • Nursing Mothers’ facilities: Caltex has introduced facilities at key sites to provide privacy for nursing mothers.

    Leadership Training

    The employer offers leadership training programs to staff, either internally or externally.

    At Caltex, we believe that everyone deserves a great leader and that our leaders play a critical role in our future success as well as the engagement and productivity of their teams.

    Through the Leading@Caltex program, we support and enable our leaders to:

    • navigate and seize the future by providing a clear understanding of our direction in a way that aligns and inspires our people

    • engage and connect with their teams by being visible, approachable and fostering open and candid dialogue

    • develop and grow their teams through regular feedback and coaching that is honest and actionable

    • model and inspire trust and confidence by acting with integrity and living our values including promoting diversity and flexibility. Leading@Caltex is more than just a framework for people leaders; it is a strategic priority for our business and an integral part of our culture. We partner with leadership development experts to deliver programs for our mid and senior level managers.

    Women on the board

    At least 20% of the employer’s board positions are occupied by women.

    The Board of Caltex Australia Limited comprises eight directors of which two are women (25%) and this includes the Chairman, Elizabeth Bryan.

    Women on shortlists

    The employer has a demonstrated policy of ensuring women are always shortlisted for positions.

    Mentoring and sponsoring

    The employer offers mentoring and/or sponsorship programs to women.

    Caltex provides external mentoring opportunities for a number of our highly-skilled and experienced female employees as part of our approach to supporting their career development. This program commenced in 2012 and around 20% of women access this program each year.

    Diversity Program

    The employer boasts a wide-ranging diversity program that has the buy-in of key senior leaders.

    We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace maximises the opportunities to achieve our business goals. We have a Diversity & Inclusion Council which is CEO led and includes both executive and employee representatives. The Council guides, influences and drives the diversity and inclusion agenda. We are committed to attracting and retaining female talent across all levels of our business and developing a strong pipeline of female talent for future leadership roles. Caltex women are given opportunities to attend various internal and external professional development and networking functions. Through these events, they are supported to connect with their colleagues, peers and role models, inspire each other to higher achievement and grow their networks, skills and resilience to setbacks.

    At Caltex we recognise that supporting work-life effectiveness is critical to attracting and retaining female talent and supporting Caltex women through their changing life demands.

    Caltex is a signatory to the Australian Employment Covenant - a national, industry-led initiative. As part of our commitment to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in respect of employment, we have implemented the Caltex Indigenous Employment Initiative with the goal of increasing the number of Indigenous employees to at least 2.5% of our workforce.

    Gender Targets

    The employer publicises and actively works to achieve gender targets across different levels.

    Caltex has a commitment to increasing female representation across operational areas and in particular at the senior management level. Gender diversity metrics are reviewed each quarter by the Diversity & Inclusion Council as well as the HR Committee of the Board. In addition, key leaders are targeted with diversity related objectives each performance year.
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