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    Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 305,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The company generated net revenues of US$30.0 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2014. Its home page is 

    Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

    Our offices and operations span 200 cities in 56 countries and serve clients in more than 120 countries. We have approximately 305,000 people working with clients in nearly every major industry worldwide, including 91 of the FORTUNE® Global 100, and more than three-quarters of the FORTUNE® Global 500 and government agencies around the world. Our people not only build strong careers, they offer their talents and skills to help clients and communities around the world.

    The sheer scale of capabilities and client engagements differentiates what we do from most other companies. Many of our clients are global organizations, so we deliver tangible results and build systems that affect companies around the world – in the process, creating the business infrastructure of tomorrow. We know better than most how to mobilize the right people, skills, alliances and technologies to deliver innovation and results that create high-performance businesses.

    We have consistently produced solid financial results in both good times and bad, generating net revenues of US$30.0 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2014. Accenture is one of the world’s most recognized business brands, associated with deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and proven experience in consulting, technology and operations.

    What do we do?

    Accenture helps clients become high-performance businesses. In other words, we help them become more successful in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. This includes helping them to identify and enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

    How do we do it?

    The Accenture Way is how we do things. It is the unique way we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value—for our clients, our shareholders and the communities around the world where we do business. It is grounded in our core values, shared business ethics and uncompromising standards for high performance. It differentiates Accenture in the marketplace and is brought to life every day, in everything we do, through our unique passion, energy and style.

    Women at Accenture Brochure

    Life at Accenture

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    Step up and be counted in the workplace

    June 29, 2015

    Confidence is one thing, but having a strategy, seeking the right advice and even getting more education can help you secure the career you want.

    Knowing one’s worth can be an underlying struggle in any professional’s career. In particular, women can feel they lack the seniority, expertise or contacts to apply for a promotion or pay rise. Others might feel qualified for a new role, but seem to be consistently overlooked by management.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the national gender pay gap is currently at 18.8% with men coming out on top. The source of the discrepancy is complex, but gaining confidence and recognition in the workplace can be an important step for women hoping to maximise their pay potential.

    Louise Harvey-Wills, Executive General Manager, People at NAB, says even in egalitarian workplaces women can do more to leverage their skills.

    “You can be working somewhere with the best policies, programs and practices that give both men and women the same career opportunities, but if you don’t believe in yourself and take advantage of the career opportunities then you may be compromising your personal value.”

    Those career opportunities might not be immediately obvious. With women often feeling as though they need to be overqualified for a position, Harvey-Wills says they should be proactive and try to push their own boundaries.

    “To get noticed we should all take chances and step out of our comfort zones to make this happen. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you.”

    That same proactive solution can apply to women who feel undervalued in the workplace. Harvey-Wills advises women to communicate directly with their senior managers, raising constructive solutions, not just complaints.

    Don’t just wing it

    Taking control over one’s career requires not just confidence, but also time and research.

    “One tip I have for women to improve and gain more confidence around financial matters and their careers is to ensure they invest the adequate time in themselves,” says Harvey-Wills. “Talk to people who have the knowledge and skills that you’re after.”

    She also recommends women thoroughly research both global and local trends in their industries and other markets.

    “And leverage your networks to test your thinking and your reasoning to give you the confidence you need.”

    The importance of role models, sponsors and mentors – one’s personal board of directors – should not be underestimated, notes Harvey-Wills.

    “Your sponsors are integral in your career progression and development, so use them.”

    The professional networks gained in the course of a woman’s career can help expand her skills and consolidate her expertise.

    For those looking to gain new skills or change the direction of their career, education can also be a valuable source of confidence. Study, says Harvey-Wills, can give professionals new ways of utilising their existing skills, and challenge their thinking.

    However, she advises women think carefully about what they hope to gain from study before embarking on a new course.

    “When determining if study is right for you, be clear on what you want to achieve from it and how it relates to your career aspirations,” she says.

    “Technical skills and experience are important and can often be achieved learning on the job or from a secondment opportunity.”

    Success lies in your attitude

    Ultimately, Harvey-Wills says, having the right attitude can be one of the biggest assets in a woman’s career.

    “You need to have the confidence and self-belief to back yourself, whatever your age or experience. If you believe you can do something and present it confidently, then you minimise the chance of underselling your true skills and the value you can bring,” she explains.

    “Be authentic to your values. If you are true to yourself, your ambitions and your priorities, it can only strengthen your earning potential.”

    For more information on NAB’s Start Counting program visit:

    Written by: Jessie Richardson

    What's on offer at Accenture

    Partner Content

    In order to qualify as a Select Employer, we ask employers to address at least 60% of the ten items on the Select Employer criteria list including:

    Senior leadership

    The employer has a rising number of women in senior positions and a pipeline of female talent.

    Watch Kellie's story to see the diverse and fulfilling career opportunities available at Accenture Australia. Kellie is a senior executive in Accenture's SAP group.

    Flexible careers

    The employer can demonstrate where flexible working arrangements have led to promotions.

    Working Mothers

    For the 11th consecutive year, Working Mother magazine has included Accenture in the “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.”

    Building a family requires a different approach to how a professional manages everyday life and Accenture recognizes this by providing parents with the Maternity Returners Program. This program helps ease the transition back into the workforce by providing career guidance and support for finding ideal re-entry roles.

    In addition, Accenture recognizes the unique needs of professionals in the workplace by providing flexible work arrangements and a range of work/life programs that encourage balance between work and personal priorities.

    At Accenture, we offer a range of flexible work arrangements to help our people achieve work/life balance, while meeting the demands of our business. Our fly-back program, smart work initiative and client-site flexible work arrangements help address the challenges that come with the professional travel experienced by many of our consulting employees. We also provide innovative communication and collaboration tools to help increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

    Here are some of the various flexible work arrangements we offer at Accenture:

    Flex time schedule: Allows employees to vary their start and finish times around predetermined core hours, or work their standard hours in fewer than five days by varying the length of each workday.

    Part-time arrangement: Enables employees to work less than a standard full-time schedule per week, by working fewer hours per day or fewer days per week. Usually the role is designed around a reduced workload so that job responsibilities match the number of hours worked.

    Job-sharing arrangement: Involves dividing the workload of a full-time position between two employees (usually each working a part-time schedule). It's a great way for our people to keep on the career track while allowing them more time outside of work.

    Telecommuting/home working: Enables employees to work from a location other than an Accenture office or project site. This can reduce the time, costs and stress of commuting for employees while helping Accenture control and often reduce the cost of fixed office space.

    Fly-backs: Help support work/life balance for employees with significant travel, often the case for consulting professionals. We offer them fly-backs to their home location, the option to fly someone to their project site, and the option to fly to an alternate location in place of a trip home.

    Client-site flexible work arrangements: Help our consulting professionals, who spend much of their time working at client sites away from their home location, balance work and personal life. These flexible working options help meet their needs, while still meeting the needs of our clients:

    • Full weekend at home: Arrive at the project midday on Monday and stop client work early Friday afternoon, thereby providing for a full weekend at home. Work the same number of hours as a full work week, but compress the completion into a shorter time frame.
    • Extended weekends in home location: Work a five-day work week: four days at the project site and the fifth day in the home office or approved alternate location, with either three or four nights at the out-of-town location.
    • Extended client/home location: Work an extended period of time at a client site followed by an extended number of days at the home office or approved alternate location, without altering the standard work week requirement and just changing time of hours worked.

    International travel

    The employer offers opportunities for employees to gain experience in international markets.

    Accenture offers various opportunities to work on global projects. It promotes effective use of technology to connect with peers and clients globally to optimize costs and stay competitive. However per the project requirement, people travel nationally and internationally.

    Parental Leave

    The employer offers paid parental leave.

    Time Off

    Paid time off: encompasses traditional vacation time along with paid personal time off and sick leave, providing flexibility for how, when and for what purpose time off is taken. The number of paid-time off days is based on career level and workforce, but ranges from 14 to 27 days per year.

    Holidays: we provide nine paid holidays, including eight standard holidays and a 'floating holiday' for employees to use at their discretion.

    Maternity leave: Accenture offers 6-8 weeks paid maternity, based on workforce and tenure.

    Family leave: in addition to our Paid Time Off program, other offerings may be available for special family leave situations.

    Hours That Help: provides support to employees who need to take time away from work to deal with family medical emergencies or related crisis situations. Accenture employees are able to donate paid-time off hours to help a colleague in a time of need.

    Future Leave: allows employees to take up to three months away from work with continued healthcare and insurance benefits and the assurance that they can return to work after their leave.

    Flexible transitions: To help make the transition easier for employees who take leaves of absence, we offer flexible transitions, allowing employees the opportunity to stay connected to Accenture during the time they are away.

    Leadership Training

    The employer offers leadership training programs to staff, either internally or externally.

    Part of the support we offer you is ongoing training to help you remain at the top of your game and continue to grow. We make constant investments in our employees’ development, and last year we invested more than $850 million – or 52 hours per person – in training and developing our people.

    At Accenture, we recognize that the skills, capabilities and value that women bring to the table are critical to our company’s success. To support our women’s career growth, we develop customized, innovative training that is designed to meet the specific needs of our women. In the Developing High Performing Women course, for example, female role models help managers evaluate requirements to reach the next stage in their careers. To date, more than 1,500 women have participated in the program.

    Through these offerings, we help women expand their expertise, build their confidence and provide roadmaps for successful careers and for positioning themselves in the right roles.

    Accenture has conducted a number of original research studies on topics related to women and careers. We use these findings to help Accenture women throughout the world tackle a variety of issues to succeed in the workplace. Review our latest findings.

    Throughout a career at Accenture, you can develop skills and capabilities based on your interests and talents. It starts with new joiner orientation and our core curriculum, which provide an introduction to Accenture and help develop basic skills for success. As you progress in your career, we will help you expand your knowledge and skills through formal development programs, leaders teaching leaders, and people developing people. We have regional centers as well as virtual centers for training and development as part of our global network for learning.

    There are education centers in St. Charles, outside of Chicago (at the Q Center), London (at Kent’s Hill Park, Milton Keynes) and Kuala Lumpur (at the Sheraton Imperial KL) to help provide quality training experiences. Our classroom training is facilitated by Accenture leaders who teach from their own experience, having experienced many of the successes and challenges you will face on the job.

    Accenture also offers a wide variety of other learning opportunities including social learning via industry hubs and communities of practice, self-studies and virtual learning, industry certification programs, apprenticeships and action learning programs, mentoring programs, and new innovations such as mobile learning and virtual labs.

    Women on the board

    At least 20% of the employer’s board positions are occupied by women.

    Watch Kellie's story to see the diverse and fulfilling career opportunities available at Accenture Australia. Kellie is a senior executive in Accenture's SAP group.

    Career Opportunities for Women

    Through our global women’s theme — Defining success. Your way. — we strive to provide an environment and culture that empowers our more than 100,000 women at Accenture to define their own personal approach to success.

    Empowering Women

    Accenture believes that women can have it all and has developed opportunities to help women define and achieve their goals. Through Women's Mentoring, a program that pairs female leaders with Accenture leadership mentors, employees can take advantage of virtual workshops and networking tips to help guide their careers at Accenture.

    Accenture connects women globally through the Accenture Women’s Network, which brings to life the Defining success. Your way theme. The global internal website connects women across the company with one another and provides resources that can help them define their visions of success through education, tools and the personal experiences of other Accenture women. The online forum offers women a place to share experiences, advice and insights, while finding inspiration from others.

    In our local offices, women’s employee resource groups drive initiatives and programs to support women locally and help them build strong networks, both within Accenture and with the broader community.

    Each year Accenture celebrates International Women’s Day — a day when Accenture people come together to learn about the positive impact women are having on Accenture and the world. Participants enjoy exchanging ideas about women, inclusion and their impact on the global economy. This celebration takes place at locations across the globe and provides a venue for networking, building vital skills and addressing issues that face women in the workplace and beyond.

    Women on shortlists

    The employer has a demonstrated policy of ensuring women are always shortlisted for positions.

    Mentoring and sponsoring

    The employer offers mentoring and/or sponsorship programs to women.


    Accenture employees have the opportunity to learn from and be coached by the best people in the business—supportive leaders and colleagues who share their industry, technical and functional expertise. A mentoring relationship is another way to develop professionally at Accenture—in addition to training courses, practical experience on the job and formal feedback programs.

    Career Counselors

    Our career counselors play an important role in the experience of Accenture people. Few companies assign each employee a designated, more experienced person who provides career coaching and guidance to help them manage their careers and develop professionally. Your career counselor will:

    • Help you shape your career goals and actions to achieve those goals.
    • Help you navigate career options and opportunities at Accenture.
    • Clarify your job/role and expectations when needed.
    • Provide direct, honest and timely feedback.
    • Objectively represent you throughout the performance management process.
    • Explain performance management outcomes.
    • Provide guidance in creating and implementing a comprehensive career development plan.
    • Help you expand your internal network and access resources to help you address development objectives.
    • Take action on your behalf.

    Accenture career counselors are empowered to make a real difference in the careers of our people—and our business results.

    Internal Communities

    Our internal communities help our people feel connected throughout Accenture no matter where they are located or with whom they work. Communities are typically comprised of 100 to 150 employees spanning all levels and provide a forum to create strong ties with colleagues through professional and social activities.

    Various employee groups also exist to help people build connections. They may be organized around a common interest, ethnicity, sexual orientation, career path, family arrangement, faith or religion.

    Diversity Program

    The employer boasts a wide-ranging diversity program that has the buy-in of key senior leaders.

    Inclusion and Diversity

    Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values, fostering an innovative, collaborative and high-energy work environment. Having a diverse workforce of people with different capabilities, cultures, perspectives, abilities and experiences enables Accenture to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

    Employee Resource Groups

    Each of our local offices drive initiatives and programs to support our people at the location and help them build strong networks, both within Accenture and with the broader community. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) may be organized around a common interest: ethnicity, sexual orientation, career path, faith or religion, family arrangement or other personal beliefs or interests. The groups often develop based on local demand and interest, and differ from location to location, but they all promote inclusion and diversity through education, awareness, professional and personal development and cross-cultural interactions. All of our ERGs are open for any of our employees to join.

    Gender Targets

    The employer publicises and actively works to achieve gender targets across different levels.

    Stay Smart, Get Savvy

    Must-know news for Professional Women

    Stay Smart, Get Savvy!

    Must-know news for Professional Women