No time for silence and meekness: Be an agent for positive change

For the rest of November, we're working with Business Chicks to help counter a bad result for women in leadership in the US election -- inviting women to share a note of encouragement to other women across Australia to get ambitious, to stay positive and to keep pushing for change. Below, Megan Dalla-Camina shares her response. 

We awoke the day after the election to a new world. Many of you, like me, may still be feeling confused, shocked, saddened, scared or perhaps even a little bit hopeless. 

We may be sad and deeply disappointed that we will not see the first woman President this time around. I am with you. And I am still with her.

But this is about so much more than that.

And it’s not even about politics.

It’s about humanity. It’s about all people regardless of colour, race, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or disability feeling welcome, honored, respected and safe. 

It’s about peace and security and stability.

And perhaps most of all, it’s about change. 

Darkness must come with light.

We are the light.

Take your time to grieve if that is what you are feeling right now. If it is, I feel you. I have shed my tears and sat with my disbelief. 

But then we must wipe away our tears. Gather ourselves. And decide that now more than ever we need to be the voice for change. For positive change. For all that is good and right and just.

The silver lining here is that this is the time for the revolution the world has been waiting for. This will be the catalyst for good people everywhere to rise up for what is right for the whole of humanity.

This is the beginning. Not the end.

And it will take all of us.

It’s time. Time to rise. And we will do it together.

The day after the election, I was asked in my business mastermind group what I will do to use my voice to help women rise up. This was my response.

I’m still wading through the grief and sadness, but I have picked myself up this morning and wiped away the tears, and this is how I will continue to use my voice to raise others up:

By knowing that this is a critical moment in history and that we are the start of a very important new revolution. 

By reminding myself and others that we must stay in the light, share the light, be the light. 

By understanding that forces greater than we can know have conspired to bring the darkness to the stage in this way, to bare the dark underbelly of humanity, so that we can all rise up for positive change and raise the collective consciousness of the planet for all beings. 

By knowing that my work in my business helping women rise, and my work as CoFounder and author of Lead Like A Woman, is more important now than it has ever been. It is time for great, fundamental, powerful, positive change. 

By helping women understand the true nature of their power, and helping men as well as women balance their masculine with their feminine so that we can end the external and internal patriarchy that keeps us stuck.

By creating and supporting leaders who lead with authenticity, vulnerability, empathy, creativity and courage, and who have the utmost respect for diversity, inclusion and the collective good.

By supporting all women (and men) to find their voice, use their voice, and speak up with courage and conviction for all that is true and good and possible. 

And most importantly, be being an agent for positive change, especially in these hardest moments. 

I leave you with these questions:  

What will you do now? How will you show up? How will you raise yourself up? And how will you help others? 

This is not the time for silence. It’s not the time to be meek. It’s time to use your voice. And it’s time for you to rise - for yourself and for all of those who cannot rise without you.

Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, writer and researcher passionate about changing the conversation on women, leadership and work. With Masters degrees in both Business Management and Wellness, a PhD underway in Gender Studies, and two decades as a business leader, she blends science with experience to drive results that matter. Megan is the author of Getting Real About Having It All, and the newly released Lead Like A Woman.


Twitter: @mdallacamina

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