Outspoken Women: National Masterclass, Mentoring & Tailored Training


This is your chance to become the best communicator you can be.

In conjunction with Australian Defence Magazine Outspoken Women are delivering a full day of training in presentation, communication and negotiating skills to get women in the Defence Industry ready to achieve their leadership and career goals with;

  • voice and projection
  • defining and delivering key messages
  • body language, gestures and poses
  • networking and negotiating

You will walk out of this masterclass with Outspoken Women’s Co-Founders Louise Pascale and Liza-Jayne Loch with a sense of confidence you never thought possible, kicking nerves to the kerb.

Become the Outspoken Woman you deserve to be.

With almost a century of experience between us (yes, we’re that experienced!), we help you transform into a confident, articulate Outspoken Woman.

Your registration fee pays for two trainers, a videographer to record your progress, catering and takeaway materials. We will also be tailoring our standard content to suit your specific needs by sending you an online survey before the workshop and adapting our material for you.

(Event copy provided by Outspoken Women)

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