UP FOR DEBATE: “The world won’t listen unless women shout”.

Copy suppled by the Institute of Managers and Leaders 

More than a century after the suffragettes successfully achieved the right to vote for women around the country, women and girls still need to campaign for a gender equal society.

“I can’t believe I still have to protest this!” is a frustrating message too familiar to women around the world from our boardrooms to women’s rallies to inside homes. Despite having the legalised equal right to vote, women still face prejudice, intolerance and inequality in 2020 in all aspects of life.

When will the world listen? How can we ensure equality for future generations of women and girls? Is it time for women to change campaign tactics to finally achieve gender equality? Is it time women shouted louder to achieve progress faster?

The Institute of Managers and Leaders’ 2020 IWD Great Debate topic and concept honours the history of the “shouting” women that paved the way for the new generation of female leaders — pictured in our concept image.

They stand together saluting their ancestors with their fists, the century-old symbols of solidarity, strength and support and emblems of equality and feminism.

Together, they are united in collective empowerment to fight for global gender equality for future women.

In 2020, we propose the idea for debate: The world won’t listen unless women shout.

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