#BreaktheBias for women - Empower Hour by Dress for Success

#BreaktheBias for women – Empower Hour by Dress for Success

#BreaktheBias for women

This International Women’s Day 8 March, and the month of March, support our mission to raise $250,000 to transition more than 700 women to face their job search with the confidence, clothing, and tools to get hired. 

The ask is simple but the impact is huge – all you need to do is pledge one hour of your pay to help a woman who is struggling to achieve employment and financial stability.

Your hour is more than just a gift — it’s an investment in the future. When women work, families thrive, communities prosper, and the economy grows.

 This year’s global International Women’s Day theme ‘Break the Bias’ aligns with everything Dress for Success stands for, believes in, and the very reason we exist.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the gender gap in Australia. Women have been disproportionately impacted, magnifying the barriers they already face in getting a job and staying in the workforce.

Dress for Success takes women from welfare to work with practical tools, advice, and support. By providing a holistic program of work wardrobe, job search and personal development workshops, and career coaching, we are helping Australian women empower themselves to get back on their feet and become financially independent.

Where does the money raised from the Empower Hour Campaign go?

  • $1000: Transform a woman’s future with six months of one-on-one career coaching, resume drafting support, interview preparation, access to digital career support workshops and webinars, connections to prospective employers and her new killer interview outfit. Plus, a full week’s wardrobe when she gets the job.
  • $350: Provides the support a woman needs to move from welfare to the work – professional clothing and access to digital workshops, resume and mock interview support.
  • $200: Provides a woman a styling session with a fashion stylist and clothing and accessories for that all-important interview.
  • $150: Provides access to three professional development workshops, facilitated by experts in their field.  
  • $50: Provides a woman resume drafting and mock interview support to help her secure and nail that interview.
  • $25: Provides a woman one-on-one resume drafting support with an HR / Recruitment Specialist.
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