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Springboard Women’s Development, ‘Open’ Program

The Springboard Program is designed for women in non-management through to first line management, workshops are over four full days, spread over three weekly intervals to minimise time out of the office. Inspiring Guest Speakers at each workshop from a diverse range of women. Incorporating a self-guided workbook and support groups in between each workshop.

This Women’s Development Program embarks on a voyage of self discovery. For sustainable growth you will learn a lifetime of strategies to understand your values, take ownership and be accountable for your life. Start living the life you were meant too.

This self-development program is tailored for both your personal and professional life as we believe the best comes through when we look at the wholistic person. Learning to lead ones self.

Here is what Nermaine from Westpac said:

‘Springboard for Women is an inspiring 3 month development program that can be adapted in various facets of your life. Deb Elliott the Program Facilitator, delivered the program with such enthusiasm and charisma adapting examples from her personal life experiences that bring the text to life while imbedding the main principles in your mind. A program highly recommended to challenge who you are, what you are doing and what you want, giving you the tools to embrace a change in your mind set, step out of routine, examine and re-focus energy to accomplish a harmonious balance in personal and business life without limitations. A very engaging and memorable experience.’
Nermaine, Westpac.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this world renowned program. Any women, any age, any skills, any trade, any organisation. There is something in it for everyone. It’s not an academic test, its a voyage of self-discovery. For mazimum growth, this would be your first self-development program you would have attend.

Please e-mail deb@flyconsulting.com.au if you prefer an invoice or want to know more about what is covered in this program. Or check it out here: www.flyconsulting.com.au

Reinstill passion and find out what drives you and learn how to create the steps to get there. Enabling a space of non-judgement, encouraging atmosphere and giving you energy to put yourself first.


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