Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as the next US Supreme Court judge

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as the next US Supreme Court judge

Amy Coney Barrett

Senate Republicans have confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as the next US Supreme Court judge, overpowering the Democrats fierce opposition and delivering a landmark and controversial win for Trump a week before Election Day– a firm tip in the judiciary scale towards conservative ideology.

A deep division was observed in the chamber on Monday, with a 52-48 vote largely along the Republican-controlled Senate, where Barrett’s secured a 6-to-3 conservative majority on the nation’s highest court, filling the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

Endorsed by Trump only a month ago, Barrett’s nomination has been polarising. One of her first cases in the Supreme Court will determine the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with many Americans concerned she may move to remove coverage of pre-existing medical conditions for over 25 million uninsured Americans in the midst of a pandemic.

Long term, Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court will inform a range of policies, including rulings on human rights issues such as access to abortion, immigration, gun safety and LGBTQ+ rights.

Unlike Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was confirmed by one of the widest bipartisan margins in history, Barrett is the only Justice in generations to receive zero bipartisan votes.

Former presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren described Barrett’s confirmation as Supreme Court judge as a “dark day”.

While Joe Biden signalled that Barrett’s hasty appointment should serve as the reminder Americans need to vote at the coming election.

Barrett took her oath earlier this afternoon, declaring she would do her job “without any fear or favour”.

“I will do so independently, of both the political branches and of my own preferences.”

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