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Australia Post gets a female CEO

Christine Holgate
Christine Holgate will soon become the next CEO of Australia Post, replacing Ahmed Fahour who announced his resignation from the role earlier this year.

Christine will leave the top job at Blackmores to take on the new post, a role she’s successfully served in for nine years. She’s previously held executive roles with Telstra, JP Morgan, and Cable & Wireless.

Chairman John Stanhope said the board pursued a global search before choosing Christine to lead the next stage of Australia’s Post transformation.

“Christine has a demonstrated track-record of delivering results in large, complex organisations, both here in Australia and internationally,” he said in a statement.

“Christine’s business philosophy is also a perfect fit for Australia Post. She is a firm believer that businesses must perform commercially, but also serve the community. And that’s entirely consistent with our objectives as a community-based business that has both commercial objectives and community service standards to uphold.”

He added that Australia Post will also benefit from Christine’s global eCommerce knowledge and experience in Asia, especially as it pursues is Asian Strategy — offering logistics support to Australian businesses across the region.

Christine’s wage will be significantly less than that of her predecessor, with Australia Post revealing it will be paying its new CEO a base salary of $1.375 million, with the potential to earn 100% of that figure as a bonus.

Previous CEO Ahmed Fahour’s salary was $5.6 million including bonuses in 2015-16, which led to much public criticism earlier this year.

Christine said she feels fortunate to be joining the business at this time.

“I’m a passionate advocate for Australian business seizing the opportunity that’s on our doorstep in Asia and that creates opportunities for everyone – our workforce, our shareholder, the community, as well as businesses across Australia.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the team. And I’m especially looking forward to getting out and meeting the posties, the drivers, post office staff, licensees and other partners who deliver services in communities across Australia, every day.”

Christine will start in the role in mid to late October, with Australia Post announcing that current Chief Customer Officer Christine Corbett will lead the business through the CEO transition. She’s been with the business since 1990.

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