A new employer perk? Australia gets first dedicated egg freezing clinic opens

A new employer perk? Australia’s first dedicated egg freezing clinic opens

The opening of Australia’s first dedicated egg-freezing clinic in Sydney today could present more options to women looking to take better control of their fertility, and potentially even options for employers looking to attain and retain female talent.

A sister clinic to Genea Fertility, Genea Horizon launches in response to the increased uptake of egg preservation treatment.

It also aims to meet the specific fertility needs of women that are different to those undertaking IVF for fertility.

And it may provide a new option for employers looking to extend their perks for attracting and retaining female talent, with News Corp reporting today that Genea has already had enquiries from large employers about options for egg freezing, in response to direct requests from female staff.

Such options could see employers offering to pay for their female staff to freeze their eggs, following the lead of tech giants including Facebook, Apple and Google who already offer such options in the US.

Announcing the new clinic today, fertility specialist Dr Devora Lieberman said that while egg freezing can’t guarantee a baby and is not an insurance policy, it can help women who want to take control of their fertility.

“Egg freezing provides many with a sense that they are doing all they can, investing in themselves and ensuring that when they are ready to have children, they are confident they considered all the options available to them at an earlier age,” she said.

Women’s Agenda has previously worked on a number of content partner pieces with Genea, including one sharing the key stats and numbers to know about fertility.

Genea says a woman’s fertility peaks in her early 20s, when she has around a 25% chance of getting pregnant naturally each month. The quality and quantity of a woman’s egg supply starts to deteriorate at the age of 30.

Recently, we also conducted a poll of more than 400 Australian women to gauge exactly how much we know about fertility, as well as what we think about the new trend of employers offering ‘fertility perks’.

Around 28% of the female respondents said ‘fertility perks’ would have been, or could be, attractive to them at some point in their careers. Almost half (47%) of respondents agreed we’ll start to see more such employment options in the future.

Check out the key things to know about egg freezing, a recent partner content piece we produced with Genea. 

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