Greta Thunberg sails off the haters to arrive safely in New York

Greta Thunberg sails off the haters to arrive safely in New York

Greta Thunberg
After an epic 14 day voyage across the Atlantic, sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York earlier today, ready for September’s UN climate summit.

Speaking in front of reporters in Manhattan, she described it as “insane” that a a teenager had to cross the Atlantic Ocean in such a way in order to make a stand.

She travelled via the zero-carbon yacht from Plymouth in Britain, leaving two weeks ago in order to avoid the environmental impact of airline travel.

She told a waiting crowd that it was all “very overwhelming” and noted that while she did not get seasick during the journey it’s not something she wanted everyone to do.

“The climate and ecological crisis is a global crisis, the biggest crisis that humanity has ever faced, and if we don’t manage to work together and to cooperate and to work together despite our differences, then we will fail.”

While hundreds of supporters greeted Thunberg today, not everyone has been so kind about the teenager’s journey.

Australian columnist Andrew Bolt described Thunberg as “deeply disturbed” in the Herald Sun, On Twitter, Thunberg personally responded that she is indeed “deeply disturbed” about the fact hate and conspiracy campaigns that are allowed to go on just because “we children communicate and act on the science. Where are the adults?”

Meanwhile in the UK, prominent businessman and Brexit campaigner Arron Banks tweeted that, “Freak yachting accidents do happen in August” when Thunberg left earlier this month, while young climate activists have been copping abuse all over the world, especially from far-right and conservative commentators and politicians.

Thunberg sent a message to US Donald Trump on her arrival this morning, but it’s one that could be directed at all her detractors. “‘Listen to the science.’ And he obviously does not do that,” she said on Trump pulling out of the Paris accord. “If no one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis and the urgency, why would I be able to? So I am just going to focus on spreading awareness.”

Thunberg traveled via The Malizia, which is built for offshore racing, caries electronics powered by solar panels and underwater turbines, and has zero luxuries for travellers, with no shower or toilet on board and no windows below deck.

Thunberg said she will now take a couple of days off before participating in a demonstration outside the UN headquarters on Fridays. Her plans include eating fresh food, and getting dry and clean.”

She’s taken a year off school for her activism, after gaining a global following last year when she went on a strike from school to highlight the need for climate change action.


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