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Julia Gillard: What are her rights at work?

Prime Ministers have always been on the receiving end of public attacks. However, according to Dr Anne Summers Julia Gillard has been subjected to an unprecedented level of sexist and discriminatory abuse.

In a speech for the 2012 Human Rights and Social justice lecture at the University of Newcastle last Friday, Summers said that double standards and gender-based vilification are being used by the media and Opposition party in an attempt to attack and undermine Gillard . She said that the political persecution directed at the Prime Minister breaches federal laws that are designed to protect people’s rights to work.

Summers is encouraging others to stand up and stay that the attitudes towards the Prime Minister are not unacceptable and pledge to say: It Stops with me.

Watch the video above (Warning: explicit language) and let us know what you think about the political commentary aimed at Gillard.

Do you think the Prime Minister cops abuse that breaches her rights at work?


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