Natalie Joyce speaks out so her daughters 'feel empowered'

Natalie Joyce speaks out so her daughters ‘feel empowered’

Natalie Joyce, the estranged wife of former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, has spoken publicly for the first time since news of her husband’s affair with his staffer Vikki Campion first broke.

In an interview which will appear in the July issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, Natalie Joyce lays bare her feelings about Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion’s paid interview with Channel 7 last month, saying the couple’s choice to profit from their affair was “an absolute disgrace.”

“I wasn’t surprised she sold their ‘exclusive’ story, and certainly not surprised the $150,000 went to her child,” Joyce, who has four daughters with the former deputy PM said.

“But it begs the question: if Barney agreed to be a part of it, how could he allow his four girls to be overlooked?

In saying that, I wouldn’t want a cent of that money”, she said. “It was all I could do to watch it without throwing a brick at the TV.”

Seemingly, the rest of Australia felt the same way. Not only did the segment fail to reward Seven the ratings they had banked on, it was also a certifiable, publicity train wreck.

A train-wreck in which Barnaby Joyce admitted he stayed in his role as deputy PM after news of his affair broke out of “spite”, and failed to take accountability for his hypocrisy, misconduct and alleged abuse of tax-payer dollars.

He implored to the media for privacy, then went on to give an interview where the whole country had a front row seat.

In her unpaid interview which was set up prior to Barnaby’s, Natalie Joyce said she chose to speak out on behalf of her four daughters: Bridgette 21, Julia, 20, Caroline, 18, and Odette, 15.

“I’m normally a very private person but I knew I had to find my voice,” she said. “They thought I would lie down, but this time I couldn’t.

“I’m doing this so the girls feel empowered and know their mum stood up and defended our fine name.”




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