One Nation sinks to new low with violent Christmas video

One Nation sinks to new low with violent Christmas video

One Nation

As we all return from a couple of weeks of well earned R&R, you’d be forgiven for having switched off your phone and laptop to the world and focused on things that are happy and positive in your life.

But now, back in the midst of all things reality, we thought we’d bring you this little reel of bile from everyone’s favourite political mavericks, One Nation.

The animation video, released just before the holidays is entitled ‘The Christmas Episode’ and features a plot in which Santa Claus is ambushed by a swarm of angry, irrational Australian politicians including PM Scott Morrison, Opposition leader, Anthony Albanese and Greens’ leader Adam Bandt.

However, it’s the video’s depiction of Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie that really takes things to an all-time low for a party already deeply entrenched in the gutter.

Lambie is typecast as a maniacal madwoman (a completely original trope), her hair on end and eyes veering in different directions. She berates Santa for being irresponsible in travelling without COVID exemption.

The quality social commentary ends in the exact way we’d expect from One Nation, with Santa physically king-hitting the entire group with statements like “here’s your first dose” and “here’s your booster”. When he slams Lambie in the face she’s propelled through the roof of the building while a smiling Pauline Hanson watches on.

It’s perhaps not surprising that this kind of dangerous BS flows freely from the handbook of One Nation, but in a country where one woman a week still loses her life to violence, it’s sickening nonetheless.

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