Podcast: How women’s leadership is winning on COVID-19

Podcast: How women’s leadership is winning on COVID-19

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This week we’re talking about how women are leading on COVID-19, the need to ensure every country’s recovery response considers women and girls, and why this work from home thing shouldn’t be an experiment in productivity.

Just 8 per cent of UN recognised countries are led by women, but new stats show that almost half of the countries doing better on coronavirus are led by women.

So why is women’s leadership so different and so important right now? Angela Priestley discusses the issue with Shivani Gopal and Georgie Dent.

The team also discuss why every country’s recovery response must intentionally consider women and girls, in order to ensure we maintain some level of progress on gender equality.

And finally, are you working from home? Got kids in the background? How’s it going? Workplaces have made a huge shift in enabling employees to work from home and we’re quickly adapting. But is this the great experiment in productivity we need to prove it’s possible? We’re not so sure, but have differing views on the matter,.

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