Podcast: No ‘trad wives’ here, Startup sexism, Tennis superstars & more

Podcast: No ‘trad wives’ here, Startup sexism, Tennis superstars & more

The Women's Agenda Podcast
Have you heard about ‘trad wives’? Neither had we, until we saw a major media outlet declaring that “hordes of women” are pushing for a return to 1950s style marriages.

This week on The Women’s Agenda Podcast, our co hosts talk through the so-called new traditional wife trend, along with some of the other biggest stories from Women’s Agenda — including the very real problem of sexism in the startup sectors, how female tennis players are delivering on great outcomes for women and much, much more.

Join Georgie Dent, Shivani Gopal and Angela Priestley as the team delves into some of the key issues and topics that have got us talking

This episode was recorded on Tuesday the 18th February. You can listen below, and/or all the usual places. You can also subscribe on iTunes. Story links below graphic. 

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