The Women's Wave is Coming: Global marches move ahead this weekend

The Women’s Wave is Coming: Global marches set to move ahead this weekend

For the third year, the historic Women’s March will move ahead with a core event held in Washington DC and sister marches taking place globally this weekend.

Using the slogan ‘The #WomensWave is Coming’, the march will see thousands of women take to the streets in resistance of Trump’s presidency, and in solidarity of equal rights for women more broadly.

However, the event’s organisers have faced a deluge of criticism after its co-chair Tamika Mallory, posted a photo with anti-Semitic Nation of Islam minister, Louis Farrakhan in May 2017, referring to him as the “GOAT,” (greatest of all time).

During an interview with American daytime talkshow The View, Mallory failed to explicitly condemn Farrakhan’s bigotry, instead declaring she “didn’t agree” with the minister’s anti semitic statements. “It’s not my language, it’s not the way that I speak, it’s not how I organise,” she told host Whoopi Goldberg.

Shortly after, one of the event’s principal sponsors the Democratic National Committee withdrew their support, as did The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP).

Speaking on The View, Mallory announced she would not resign in spite of backlash, saying she was committed to her role and believed she still had the support from a large cohort of women.

She has subsequently spent time promoting the event across media and social channels, rallying for Americans to get behind a powerful movement that seeks to combat violence against women and “keep the resistance alive and well.”

If you’re keen to get involved, a sister march will move forward in Sydney’s Hyde Park with the MO of challenging “Australia’s cultural acceptance that the values, roles and rights of women are lesser than those of men.”

The site reads: “It is time to change this culture so that the next generation of women can live their lives to their fullest potential; free from intimidation, harassment and violence. Women have the right to be safe, claim their space, be respected and have their voices heard.”

Media personality and host of Is Australia Sexist?, MC Yumi Stynes will MC the event with speeches from Indigenous community leader, Aunty Norma and Junkee editor Rae Johnston. Performances from Des Fleurs, Malaika Green and Body Type will also take place.

You can register here.

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