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Women set to take over the global workforce in three years: Study

Men make up 72% of the globe’s workers over the age of 35, but a massive gender shift is about to hit employers across the world, a new study has found.

According to the report released today by Regus, within three years women will make up 70% of all university graduates looking for their first job.

Based on responses from more than 25,000 people (including 750 from Australasia), the research found that while men make up 72% of the older global workforce, nearly half (48%) of all Gen Y workers are female.

However, for both older and Gen Y workers, men still dominate within management roles, with only 24% of Gen Y managers being female.

The authors of the Meeting the future of work have warned global businesses and governments that the impending influx of female talent means they will need to consider flexible work solutions to address the workplace gender gap.

“With females set to be the majority of tertiary educated employees entering the workforce, it is time to close the gender inequality gap for good,” said the author of the report, John Blackwell, in a statement.

“Women are increasingly going to challenge the male dominance of the workplace, and they will seek out organisations that support the female worker and enable them to fulfil their career aspirations.”

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