Kelly Morton: Leaders need to know the traditional 9-5 doesn't always need to exist

Kelly Morton: Leaders need to know the traditional 9 to 5 doesn’t always need to exist

Kelly Morton knows that the traditional 9-5 workday doesn’t exist anymore. With men and women employed in the modern workplace, responsibilities to career and family transcend gender roles, and women can’t be stuck with having to balance it all.

With over 17 years experience in the financial sector, Kelly is the founder and Managing Director of Skye Capital, an independent organisation that provides debt advice. Skye Capital prides themselves on being firmly against the “one size fits all” approach and allows this flexibility to tailor their advice to ensure that each client receives the best.

“The job needs to be completed to your customers requirements/needs and these are flexible and varied,” she says. “Align the expectation of the role to these of your customers and employ the most capable person.”

Kelly Morton is one of our Corporate finalists in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards.

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Has your career in this field been planned or has it happened by chance? What put you on this path today?

While we hear many wonderful stories about ‘happening by chance’, while some careers benefit from an extra ounce of chance, all careers require planning and a significant investment of time and effort. I always knew that I wanted to be a mum and therefore I aspired to achieve as much as I could and be as senior as I could so it would give me the best possible chance of balancing both later in life.

I have always loved numbers, what they meant and love the thrill of a negotiation. Investment banking made sense initially and while there, it was evident that as the Australian banking market shifted from solely a bank market, the importance of debt advice, became a real gap (or opportunity for me!). 

The other influence has been people and mentors. I had the determination, drive and had dealt in the ‘bloke’ dominated market before, so I knew I was strong and capable enough but you always need people around you to support/council/mentor you. I have been blessed with many. 

What are you working on right now that’s got you really excited?

Growing Skye Capital! We have had a great couple of years and have some amazing (and loyal) customers. Most recently, we were engaged with Nine’s acquisition of Fairfax Media, and worked closely with Costa Group. The latter is really pleasing as I was previously engaged with this business back in 2011. 

What’s a key issue facing women in your profession or line of work right now?

Ignoring the stigma that they cannot balance their many and varied priorities. Whether this be work, motherhood, marriage or social. This means that we need companies, leaders and mentors that understand that the traditional 9-5pm doesn’t always need to exist anymore. The job needs to be completed to your customers requirements/needs and these are also flexible and varied. Align the expectation of the role to these of your customers and employ the most capable person. 

The best tip you’ve been given in your career?

“If you are not passionate, your customers will see through. Do something you love.”

How have mentors, sponsors or some other kind of support system aided your career, if at all? –

A balanced and happy family life is crucial. We should always time in our diaries to work on this. From a work perspective, I have always tried to surround myself with smart people operating at/with smart institutions. While they challenge you, the support this adds yourself and the business is amazingly valuable. 

As well as your career, what other priorities do you juggle?

Being a mum, a wife and a friend. All our important to balancing yourself. I have always believed that the healthier the mind, the more effective your are in the workplace. 

How do you manage your wellbeing and stay at the top of your game?

Doing the things that I love with family and friends. I love seeing the kids with a smile of their face and that means being there for many of the events that matter to them. This isn’t conventional in many people’s eyes and need some very clear planning but it is important to them and I. 

Where do you currently get news and info regarding your industry and career?

The traditional media platforms are always on for me but the importance of keeping your networks close is key and something I place significant importance on. 

Got a business or career book or podcast you’d recommend?

A recent podcast that a close friend was raving about is “How I built this with Guy Raz”. An energetic and open conversation with some of the world’s largest companies and the movements they have created and grown. 

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