Study shows alarmingly high rates of anxiety among young women

Study shows alarmingly high rates of anxiety among young women

Rates of anxiety among young women are at alarmingly high rates, a new national study shows.

The 2019 National Women’s Health Survey, conducted by the not-for-profit organisation Jean Hails, explored physical and mental health issues of 10,000 women. The report indicate anxiety is the number one health concern among Australian women, with young women more likely to be affected.

More than one in three women reported having anxiety at some point in their lives. In women aged 18-35, it was more common, with 58 per cent indicating they were affected by anxiety.

Roughly one-third of respondents reported not being able to stop or control their worrying every day, nearly every day or weekly. Nearly 35 per cent of women said they had depression.

Feelings of being nervous, anxious or on edge were also major concerns, with 42 per cent of women indicating they experienced these feelings at least weekly. For women aged 18-35, this number jumped to 64 per cent.

Loneliness was also a concerning  factor for women in the younger age bracket, with almost 40 per cent reporting feelings of loneliness weekly. This was the highest level of loneliness of all of the survey’s age groups, almost 11 per cent above the average.

Young women were also more likely to have trouble concentrating and sleeping. They also reported more feelings of restlessness and being easily annoyed.

On top of all these alarming findings regarding mental health, more than one three women say they do not have enough time in their day to attend appointments for health checks.

The survey’s chief investigator Dr Rachel Mudge, says the survey findings “underscore the pressure that women across the county face as they juggle work, young children, as well as ageing parents and other social demands.”


Jean Hailes CEO, David Lloyd says the findings of the survey will be used to create new resources for women and the health professional who care for them.

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