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Five signs you need to take better care of yourself

When you’re an adult, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Because, unlike when you are a kid, if you forget to brush your teeth, there’s no one there to march you to the bathroom sink… and if you’re a mum yourself, you probably spend almost every evening giving the marching orders!
So, if you see the symptoms of any of the following, it may be a sign you need to slow down and administer a little beauty-TLC. It’s time to take care of yourself if…

#1 Your head is starting to hurt and your hair is starting to break from all the top knot buns and pony tails you do every day.

Wearing your hair up all the time not only causes hair breakage, it can results in sore heads from all the tension of tight hair and elastics and bobby pins uncomfortably sitting atop your crown. It can also help hide day-old hair, that’s in need of a wash – which might be ok every now and again – but in the long run isn’t doing you any beauty favours.

The solution? Go on pinterest and search ‘hair’ – you’ll find a lot of inspiration for easy up do’s with a twist – maybe even literally! Then, stock up on a new Shampoo and Conditioner (I like these ones from AlfaParf) that actually work to encourage healthy locks. And for those days when you simply must do a top knot? Reach for Twistband as they are a little more gentle to locks than your regular ties.

#2 You don’t remember what’s its like to not have scaly legs

It’s ok to admit it. Sometimes, your legs get so dry and scaly that even all the moisturiser in the world won’t help. So you give up, and pray that it won’t be too hot for tights when your dry pins look less than great. But you can’t do this forever. And as it’s getting warmer and warmer, it’s time to scrub! It’ll help slough off the dry skin sitting on top of your legs, making way for the fresh, glowing skin waiting beneath.

I’m currently loving the PureTAN Pure Moisture Coconute Creme Body Scrub – it’s enhanced with 100% Extra Virgin Organic coconut oil, to not only exfoliate but also to help hydrate the skin intensively. Coconut lovers will be keen to follow up with their Body Creme.

#3 You’re always so tried, you hit the pillow before you cleanse

Tut tut tut. But yes. I am guilty of this too. Sometimes you just get too tired/ stayed up too late catching up on episodes of Scandal to wash your face before bed. But you won’t wake up with skin like Kerry Washington’s with beauty practices like that.

As an extra incentive to always cleanse, try one of the best ‘inventions’ in anti-aging since serums and get your hands (and face) on a silk pillow every night. The Meili & Grace Anti-Aging Pillowcase incorporates precious silk fibers to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Plus, it feels extra cooling and soothing on skin. Now, you won’t want to ruin that end of day treat with day-old makeup on your face, will you?


#4 Your attempts at fighting blackheads and white heads is squeezing and picking your skin

Uh, oh. Now, not only do you most likely still have blackheads/whiteheads/blemishes (or all of the above) you’ve also got a scab/red marks/spread the infection (or, all of the above). Learn new – and better – habits, with b.Liv. One of the most popular skincare brands in Singapore, where balmy heat is a breading ground for blemishes and oily, this amazing line of products really help to disband blackheads that just won’t budge. Try the b.liv Off With Those Heads.

#5 Your nails are always chipped, peeling, or breaking

On days when my mani is chipped, I know I really need to book in for some beauty TLC. A fresh mani not only makes you feel clean and put-together, it also signals to the world that you’re well-groomed and take care of yourself! Try a classic red shade that’ll bring mega-watt shine to your tips, and make you go the extra mile to painting them pretty, at least once a week. I know you can do it!

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