'Do a physical activity you love every day': Chief Adventurer Di Westaway

‘Do a physical activity you love every day’: Chief Adventurer Di Westaway

Di Westaway

Di Westaway OAM is the Founder & CEO (aka Chief Adventure Chick) of Wild Women on Top and Coastrek

She is a passionate hiker, climber, coach, mum, motivator, fundraiser and teacher as well as the author of Natural Exhilaration and How to Prepare for World Class Treks.  Not to mention, she holds the impressive record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m, Nepal.

With Mental Health Awareness Month taking place throughout October, Di is the latest to tell us just how she manages her health in our weekly Q&A.

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In the morning, I…

Spring out of bed for a freshly ground, freshly plunged mug of cream-boosted coffee which motivates me to go wild before work.

My exercise routine includes…

A daily bubble bath for my brain. I’ve got a bung knee which makes my usual daily walk painful, so I alternate mountain biking with bouldering. I also stretch in front of the news at night after my shower. On the weekends, depending on the season and the weather, I’ll go for a trail ride, a harbour dip, a sunrise hike or a cliff climb. I go exploring in the Blue Mountains on foot and on wheels regularly. I love looping delicious nutritious food into my weekend workouts and I’ll stroll to a cliff top or hidden cove for sunset drinks with a girl friend on Friday nights.

My favourite workout is

Bouldering and mountain biking. But when I’m really squeezed for time I choose the bike because I can get a great workout in an hour, whereas the bouldering takes two hours. I get really bored at the gym so I go for outdoor adventure workouts and ride my bike for transport. Once I get my knee fixed, I’ll get back to hiking hills and stairs for a mid week burst of endorphins.

I find balance in

Nature. It rejuvenates my spirit, solves my problems and calms my mind. I’ve swapped restaurants and cocktail parties for cliff top picnics and sip and strolls with friends.

On health, I encourage women to

Do a physical activity you love every day. The science on this is clear. Exercise is not only essential for good health, but its also essential for our cognitive function. We humans need regular physical activity to prevent age related decline in our brains and bodies, and also to perform at our best. Women comprise two-thirds of people living with dementia and it is the leading cause of death in Australia. But there’s so much we can do to prevent it. And you don’t have to bust your arse at the gym to be healthy. You just have to walk briskly in the sunshine every day. 😊

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