Women’s Weekender: For everything you need to read, listen and binge this week!

Women’s Weekender: For everything you need to read, listen and binge this week!

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Gearing up for another sensational weekend of entertainment? We’ve got a few brilliant recommendations to throw your way. This week, we’re diving into the real-life-inspired stories of our most creative and Ingenious female scientists, in Laura Elvery’s ‘Ordinary Matter’, listening to Tilly Lawless voice her own beautiful debut, “Nothing But My Body” and bingeing on Season Three of Netflix’s show “You”. 

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READ: Ordinary Matter By Laura Elvery

Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Award 2021, ‘Ordinary Matter’ celebrates female scientists who have long been under-recognised.

In this series of short stories, we learn about the obstacles female thinkers in science have overcome to make invaluable contributions to the world. With lyricism and a clear, dynamic voice, Elvery channels the thirst, determination and intellectual stamina of some of the world’s greatest thinkers who, due to their sex, were neglected and under-valued. 

Read it here, on Scribd. 

LISTEN: The Tribute By John Byron (narrated by Dorje Swallow and Lewis Fitz-Gerald)

It’s not everyday we pick up a book that centres on misogyny and toxic masculinity that’s also set in Sydney. Well, John Bryon’s book is precisely that.

In this searingly detailed, page-turning crime thriller, we follow a serial killer with a lethal psychosis who has a dying need to recreate scenes from the 16th-century foundation text of modern anatomy – Fabrica.

Crime fighters David Murphy, along with his sister, Joanna, and wife Sylvia, work together to unravel the truth behind these crimes – desperately salvaging every last clue in order to stop the killer before he strikes again. 

Listen to it here, on Scribd.

LISTEN: Nothing but My Body By Tilly Lawless (narrated by Tilly Lawless)

Tilly Lawless is one of the most articulate, poised, intelligent and kind humans I’ve ever had the privilege of encountering. Earlier this year, the queer sex worker and Instagram star made her fiction debut through the lens of a young sex worker, in “Nothing But My Body”.

From the opening pages, I was pulling into the story by Lawless’ lush, poetic tone, dynamic storytelling, compelling characters and lyrical landscaping.

This was one of the most pleasurable and warming reads I picked up in 2021, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed either. Garnering nation-wide acclaim and topping best selling lists, spend some time this weekend to sink into this story. 

Listen to Tilly read it herself, here on Scribd. 

WATCH: YOU (Season 3) 

Here’s a truism that will never, ever age: watching mess unfold in suburbia is undeniably and lusciously entertaining. 

That’s why Season 3 of the Netflix hit ‘You’ is infinitely better than the previous two, which were set in New York (Season 1) and L.A (Season Two). 

Now, the serial murderer couple Love and Joe migrate to a wealthy neighbourhood on the outskirts of San Francisco; as mommy-bloggers and tech-bros are finely pulled through the psychotic-gaze-assessment of our original flawed ‘hero’ – Joe.

As a new-father, navigating new struggles, Joe is fielding local temptations while trying to keep his marriage alive. The mother of his child is also struggling with her own identity, opening up a bakery in town and trying to fit in with the vacuous influencer-obsessed women around her. 

The story-writing is stronger than ever, the stakes are higher (there is a kid involved) and the house they live in is enticing enough to return for episode after episode – the olive green kitchen in their beautiful brick standalone is drool-inducing and calls to mind the AD Open Home videos we are all kind of obsessed with.

Watch it now on Netflix.


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