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Podcast: How to hack happiness

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On Penny Locaso’s agenda is hacking happiness, and the conversation couldn’t be more timely.

Penny has just penned a book on the issue that she is promoting from lockdown in Victoria. She calls herself the world’s first ‘happiness hacker’ and is on a mission to teach millions of people how to ‘future proof happiness.’

Her methods are simple and accessible.

Penny is always learning, and shares some key tips she’s added to her list of happiness hacks in just the last couple of weeks, and more on the power of developing a simple happiness practice during uncertain times like those we’re currently living through now.

We first came across Penny back in 2014 when she penned an article for Women’s Agenda on why she wore nothing but a swimsuit while delivering a keynote session. You can read that piece here.

Penny is a former corporate executive turned speaker, author and educator. Raised in the country, she moved to the city to pursue her idea of ‘success’ which, she says, worked great until the age of 39, when she found herself yearning for something more. Within a seven month period she left that career, left a relationship of 16 years and moved her family across the country. From there, she set out on a mission to determine why so many of us stay ‘unhappy’ in our pursuit of success.

She has since formed HackingHappy.Co. Her book is Hacking Happiness: How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want and is available here.