Jane Caro on 'accidental feminists' & the 'right time' to be a woman

Podcast: Jane Caro on ‘accidental feminists’ & when is the ‘right time’ to be a woman in the workplace?

“You get what you resist,” says Jane Caro. And the author and media commentator has certainly been a vocal advocate against the status quo.

Whether it’s feminism, making workplaces more accessible to women, women’s representation or the lack of action on climate change, Jane is always prepared to speak up – and has an extraordinary sense of humour and way with language that ensures people listen.

We cover a wide range of topics in this interview, including her decision process for whether she would attempt a career in politics, why she’s feeling ‘panicky’ on climate change, women’s economic freedom, and why there is still no ‘right time’ for women to have a career.

We also discuss Jane’s new book ‘Accidental Feminists’ and how her generation never set out to change the world but found themselves at the forefront of change through innovations like the pill, and a sudden ability to make choices.

Unfortunately, though, those choices did not happen for all women. As Jane explains.

And, unfortunately, not enough has changed for women in the workplace – even decades later. As we discuss extensively.

Jane is joined by host Angela Priestley and Women’s Agenda contributing editor Georgie Dent.

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