Katy Gallagher slams government upon news her teenage daughter has contracted COVID

Katy Gallagher slams the government’s vaccine rollout upon news her teenage daughter has contracted COVID


Labor Senator for the ACT, Katy Gallagher has issued a scathing message to the federal government on Facebook this morning upon news that her 14-year-old daughter, Evie has contracted COVID-19.

“This morning we were advised that my gorgeous daughter Evie has tested positive for COVID-19. One of Canberra’s 17 positive cases today,” Gallagher wrote adding that Evie was “feeling pretty unwell and understandably worried about what this means for her and for the rest of her family”.

While the Senator noted her gratitude for the medical and personal support Evie was receiving, she condemned the Morrison government for leaving Australian families in the lurch with their failure to vaccinate the community quickly. She said the experience had brought a “sharp personal focus to the consequences of our government’s failure to ensure a prompt, efficient rollout of vaccines.”

“Here I sit tonight, where after doing everything right for 18 months, like millions of other families right around Australia – I am left with my children completely vulnerable to COVID-19,” she wrote. “Thank you to all who are providing us with support and to everyone working to keep Canberrans safe.”

Hundreds of Australians have commented on the post with a teacher at Evie’s school noting the rise in cases of young people was heartbreaking.


“Sending best wishes. I’m a teacher at her school and it’s breaking my heart that kids are sick. I hope you and the rest of the family remain well,” Melissa Anne wrote.

Liberal Senator, Jane Hume responded with best wishes for Evie and the family.

“How fortunate we are in Australia to have one of the most effective and efficient medical systems in the world – but a sick child is every mother’s greatest fear. All politics aside in circumstances like these – my heart goes out to you.”

Speaking later on ABC Breakfast this morning, a teary Gallagher said she was “angry that it’s come to this, that my children are vulnerable because we have such low vaccination rates. And there are so many parents who are in the same boat as me right now.”

“Even though we have a very willing population here, only about 30 percent have been vaccinated, and it’s not enough.”

“Young people have been left so vulnerable. My little girl is lying in bed on her own and my son is lying in the next room waiting to catch it,” Gallagher added.

These harrowing experiences and accounts from Australians across the country, fall squarely on the shoulders of the government.

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