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Podcast! Women’s Agenda gets chatting to ‘work it out’

Episode four of our new podcast Work It Out is available now, just in time for your weekend.

In around 35 minutes, we’ll take you through the most interesting and must-know stories affecting women this week, covering everything from Mike Pence’s weird ‘no women alone’ rule to the horrible thought of being 14 again, pregnancy discrimination (sadly again), and how to travel well as a woman.

This week in the Eagle Waves Studio, Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent were joined by Renee Lodens, who we’re pretty sure has the world’s best job.

Renee runs TravelShopa, and spends much of her working life walking the cities to produce worldwide guides on shopping destinations. We, happily, get to learn more about how she does it.

Our guests also shared their best tip for the week on how they personally ‘work it out’.

So let’s work it out! Get listening, via this link.

All our episodes are now available on iTunes where you can subscribe.

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