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Dai Le
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Dai lives and breathes diversity and inclusion. Her mission is to help build an inclusive society where mainstreams institutions and organizations genuinely reflect the diverse community we live in.Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Dai spent many years in refugee camps in South East Asia before being accepted for resettlement in Australia. Her childhood experiences and growing up with a dual identity – being a Vietnamese in an Australian and western cultural surroundings, helped to shape her perception of life.Dai speaks, consults, and help organisations understand the economic and social benefits of leveraging diversity and inclusion as part of their business development, market innovation and corporate responsibility. She founded DAWN, a platform that gives voice to diverse and inclusive talent who are shaping today’s society.Dai currently serves as an Advisory Board Member to Multicultural NSW, a Government statutory body; she’s an Ambassador for Fairfield Relay for Life, and NSW Cancer Council Greater Western Sydney. Dai is also a breast cancer survivor.

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