Millennials want more from their employers, but it's got nothing to with money

Millennials want more from their employers, but it’s got nothing to with money

Since graduating uni five years ago, I’ve watched several friends bounce from one job to the next. Jobs which have afforded them good money, incentives, prestige; but just didn’t cut the mustard. They wanted more.

Young people today aren’t willing to settle for employers which don’t meet their standards, but such standards have very little to do with money or perks and everything to do with values.

A new survey from Deloitte – The 2018 Millennial Survey, backs up this observation finding that 43 percent of Millennials plan to quit their current job within two years because they don’t trust the ethics of their employer.

Seemingly, young people aren’t the superficial, entitled, apathetic bunch the world’s had us pegged for. We’re actually deeply pessimistic and apprehensive about the planet’s future welfare and we’re happy to make our case by quitting our jobs.

The survey, which examined attitudes of 10,455 Millennials and 1,844 members of Generation Z across 36 countries dug up some pretty damning conclusions.

Less than half of respondents (48 percent) believed corporations behaved ethically, with 75 percent surmising that businesses focused on their own agendas ahead of the implications on wider society. And, nearly 40 percent claimed business leaders were actually having a negative impact on the world.

The report also revealed that workplace culture played a central role in young people’s consideration of an employer. Diversity, inclusion and flexibility were key; however most respondents felt business leaders were lagging in developing and fostering inclusive cultures.

On top of this, young workers believed their employers weren’t doing enough to help them develop necessary skills, including “soft” skills necessary to evolve their careers. The study found that many young workers grappled with the idea that they might learn or grow more, elsewhere.

But there are a number of things employers can do to try and retain good, young talent. (Pretty necessary as well, given Millennials are due to outnumber baby-boomers by 2019).

Young people need to know they will have several opportunities to develop professionally by staying with their current employer. They want to work for companies which have strong CSR frameworks and aren’t solely driven by profits. They want to work for companies willing to foster and fund positive and progressive workplace cultures as well have ready access to flexible work-options.

These are non-negotiable.

In an era where everything is tracked, monitored and exposed, employers cannot afford to play dirty. Millennials know they want more than steady hours and good benefits and they’re not about to settle.

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