Jo Stanley & George McEncroe launch new podcast, a guide to getting your awesome business idea off the ground

Jo Stanley & George McEncroe launch new podcast, a guide to getting your awesome business idea off the ground

Jo Stanley

Have you ever thought you might have a great idea for a business but have no idea if it could be successful or how you’d bring it to life?

It’s a dilemma that television and radio presenter Jo Stanley has been faced with recently, as she’s looking to launch Australia’s first talk radio station for women, Broad Radio. She’s not someone who has been surrounded by small business owners or entrepreneurs, so at first, bringing her idea for a new radio station into existence seemed daunting.

“I spent 12 years doing breakfast radio and loved every minute, so when I finished up on my last show, I was really looking forward to enjoying radio as just a listener. But I couldn’t find the kind of radio I was interested in,” Jo tells Women’s Agenda.

“I was now in my 40’s and I wanted conversation that was a bit more in depth, about things that are relevant to my stage of life – less celeb gossip and engagement parties, and more inspiring women and life lessons. I wanted to connect with women my age, and I wanted to hear other women – all sides of them – be celebrated.

“But I couldn’t find that kind of radio station, so in the end I decided, with the help of women just like me, I’d make one. That’s how Broad Radio came about, and how I accidentally became an entrepreneur.”

In a new podcast She Did, You Can, Jo will bring listeners along as she endeavours to launch Broad Radio, seeking advice along the way from George McEncroe, the founder and CEO of the enormously successful female ride sharing company, Shebah.  

Shebah, much like Jo’s Broad Radio, was born from a great idea about providing a new service for women. George’s drive was fueled by a simple but powerful purpose: women had the right to enjoy nights out without fearing their journey home afterwards. In 2017, she launched the all-female ride sharing company, that has seen fleets of female drivers earn income whenever it suits them, while providing safe transport for women and children.

“George and I are both old ducks from radio – we love a yarn and a good laugh and I’ve been desperate to work with her for years,” Jo says.

“So now we bring this tale of two companies – I’ll share how I’m creating Broad Radio in real time – and George will take us back to where Shebah all began. I mean really I just wanted to spend time learning from George, and I convinced her to let me record it. I feel like I’ve tricked her into mentoring me – but the great thing is, everyone gets to benefit!”

The podcast, co-produced by Broad Radio and Women’s Agenda, will share some really practical advice, and map out the steps for anyone who’s sitting on a brilliant idea for a business, but doesn’t quite know what to do with it.

“We want women to know you don’t have to have an MBA or previous experience to start your business. You just have to be willing to do the work and take the risks. None of that is easy, but it’s doable. And everyone can do it,” Jo says.

For Jo, one of the most exciting parts about preparing to launch her new business has been all the support she’s received from other women. She says she’s been astounded by the sheer generosity.

“Whether it’s women I’ve known forever, women my friends have connected me with or even those I’ve stalked on LinkedIn and cold approached – every single one of those women have shared their time, knowledge, contacts and support with me,” Jo says.

“I have really loved the sense of abundance there is within our broader women’s network. We really are there for each other.”

Listen to the first episode of She Did, You Can, co-hosted by Jo Stanley and George McEncroe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Broad Radio is coming soon! We’re starting with a one-hour live streamed video show on Facebook and Youtube, which you can catch up any time. Follow us on Facebook @BroadRadioAus for updates and to tune in!

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