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39th woman in Australia this year killed in act of violence

A woman was stabbed to death in South Australia yesterday, bringing the total count of women killed in acts of violence in Australia this year to 39, according to Destroy the Joint researchers.

South Australian police confirmed yesterday morning that a woman had died after succumbing to injuries she received after being stabbed. The incident occurred just before 6:45am in Yalata, located on the far west coast of South Australia.

Adelaide Now have today confirmed that a 17-year-old youth has been charged with the alleged domestic violence murder of the 22-year-old woman, noting that the arrested man and dead woman were allegedly known to each other.

The 17-year-old is due to appear in court via video link later in the day.

Organisation Destroy the Joint has been counting every violent death of women in Australia through their project, ‘Counting Dead Women Australia’. Researchers have compiled a complete list of women killed in violent circumstances. They note that in at least 75 per cent of cases reported, the victim knew her alleged murderer.

The list includes both unnamed women and high-profile cases, such as that of 26-year-old hairdresser, Leila Alavi, found stabbed to death inside her car in Auburn in January, and 26-year-old Stephanie Scott, the bride-to-be killed after visiting her workplace in Leeton.

While the total currently stands at 39 women killed in 2015, 84 women were killed by violence in Australia in 2014.

Destroy the Joint invites messages from anyone who hears of more women’s lives lost through acts of violence, in an effort to bring more awareness to the issue and help end all forms of violence against women. You can find them on Facebook here 

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