Announcing the 2017 Women's Agenda Leadership Award Winners

Announcing the eight 2017 Women’s Agenda Leadership Award Winners

Anne-Marie Elias
The winners of the 2017 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards were announced at a lunch on Friday, in front of more than 350 people in Sydney.

Congratulations to the 34 finalists and the 8 winners and thank you to our judges and sponsors who made the 2017 program happen.

Check back with Women’s Agenda for more from our winners, as well as what our panel, featuring Tanya Plibersek, Pip Marlow and and Emma Alberici, had to say about women’s leadership.

And check out why we named Professor Gillian Triggs our 2017 Hall of Fame entrant.

Emerging Leader in the Private Sector
Dr Mary Stewart, COO, Energetics

Mary leads a team of energy and climate change experts developing solutions for governments and businesses to deliver the reductions in greenhouse emissions we need to achieve our international obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Judge Comments: “Mary demonstrates an incredible clarity of vision and purpose for her team, her company and our country. She has an unwavering determination to create a sustainable future – for her people, her clients and the cities we all live and work in.
Mary leads her team with integrity, transparency and pragmatism, while pushing the boundaries of her industry to drive investment in innovation and disrupt the traditional models of work which not only limit flexibility but also contribute to global emissions. This motorbike riding, rugby playing, chemical engineer-turned-executive director is truly a force of nature.”

Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year
Stephanie Reuss & Victoria Stuart, BEAM

The pair formed Beam in October 2016, a technology platform connecting businesses with high calibre professional talent to career-worthy part-time and flexible work.

Judges comments:“They demonstrate clarity of passion of purpose, and have created a valid business model with traction. They also have the personal commitment to that purpose – by working flexibly and living it. They have a strong product and have tapped an excellent market for it.”

Emerging Leader in the Public Sector
Dr Danielle Kennedy, Director of AIM, CSIRO

Danielle leads the CSIRO’s Active Integrated Matter Future Science Platform, which is set to create ground breaking physical technologies that leverage digital advancements.

Judges comments:“Danielle has established and leads a platform in CSIRO to change the way their scientific researchers are funded, and enacted across city lines, for the betterment of Australia.”

Emerging Leader in Technology
Dr Lucy Palmer,  Laboratory Head, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and mental health

Lucy is leading a fast-growing laboratory focusing on understanding how the brain interprets our external world and what this means to our daily functioning.

Judges comments: “Lucy, a leader at The Florey is at the forefront of neuroscience and mental heath research in Australia and globally, leads a team and lab that drives research into this critical area and plays a central role on Australia’s position as a global leader in the field. Lucy, through her role at Florey also works closely with the Allen Institute in Seattle, furthering Australia’s global role in the area. The advances made by her teams have impacted the lives of people in Australia and around the world.”

Emerging Leader in the Legal Sector
Angela Lynch, CEO, Women’s Legal Services Queensland

In the past year Angela led the delivery of Australia’s first financial empowerment app for women experiencing domestic violence, and led a social media campaign crowdfunding $125,000 for the WLSQ DV Legal Helpline.

Judges comments: “Angela shows herself to be transformative within her organisation and as a key leader in law reform, particularly as it relates to women’s issues, in the wider community.”

Emerging Leader in the Not for Profit Sector
Jennifer Star, Tara.ED

Jennifer founded the International Education NGO at age 21, aiming to promote sustainable quality education through teacher training, resource mobilisation and infrastructure development in rural and remote areas of India and Bangladesh.

Judges comments: “Jennifer is a standout winner. She is an extraordinary and humble individual who is a passionate advocate for education in developing nations. Her impact has been momentous, choosing to focus on teaching teachers to not only educate young girls but also to save lives. She has personally immersed herself in the cause, making a significant difference to thousands of women.”

Emerging Leader in Design and architecture
Beth Toon, Director and GM, Place Design Group

Beth has won recent acclaim for her innovative, ground breaking work developing a new industry communication model based on the combined insights of planners, designers and communications professionals.

Judges comments: “Beth’s rise from Marketing Manager, to GM, and finally her appointment as first female director on the board of her company is a great testament to her ability to demonstrate incredible value within her business and her industry. She expresses great passion for her work and her team, and a real commitment to improving communication and connection between her profession and the wider community. Beth’s desire to show others that you don’t have to be a “technical expert” to be an industry leader provides a great example of how women and girls can apply their diverse skills to contribute to leadership in any industry.”

The 2017 Agenda Setter of the Year
Anne-Marie Elias, Chief Disrupter

Anne-Marie (pictured above) connects communities, business, academia and the Government in Australia and abroad to empower disadvantaged communities, especially focussing on refugees, homelessness, disability and poverty.

Judges comments:“Anne-Marie is the ultimate disruptor who won’t accept no for an answer. She is a forward-thinking, solution-focused and dynamic leader, who is passionate and purposeful about creating social change. She is the type of woman who will make Australia a better place.”

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