Another world cup crown for the Australian women's cricket team

Another world cup crown for the Australian women’s cricket team

The Australian women’s cricket team has secured its fourth T20 World Cup claiming  victory over England in the final in Antigua overnight.

Despite an ‘uncharacteristic’ start to the match, in a performance described as  ‘commanding’ the Southern Stars under captain Meg Lemming cemented the team’s status as a dominant force on the world stage.

In an opinion piece published by the ABC, prominent Australian sports commentator, Richard Hinds, observed that perhaps the professionalism of women’s sport helped  produce the stellar performance.

“If money can buy happiness in the world of professional sport, then Australia’s comfortable victory over England in the final could be considered a solid return on a substantial investment.”

The contrast between the women’s world cup win and both the men’s unsuccessful campaign in the same tournament and the wider problems that have engulfed cricket since the ball-tampering scandal earlier this year, is stark and has been recognised widely.

Even Forbes Magazine noted:  “It will be a World T20 best remembered for a Lanning-led Australia reclaiming their crown and providing much-needed goodwill back home for a nation that had become increasingly cynical by cricket.”

The women’s side didn’t need to provide victory just to give Australian cricket fans a good news story but in proving themselves as the best side in the world they have done just that.

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