'Ban Gavin McInnes': Marcia Langton, Nyandol Nyuon & Kerryn Phelps lobby Parliament to act

‘Ban Gavin McInnes’: Marcia Langton, Nyandol Nyuon & Kerryn Phelps lobby Parliament to act

On the lawns of Parliament House this morning, three fed-up women– Dr Kerryn Phelps, Professor Marcia Langton and lawyer Nyadol Nyuon– will directly lobby Immigration Minister David Coleman, to deny a visa to alt-right ringleader Gavin McInnes. Nyuon and Langton will deliver a petition signed by 80,000 people supporting their pursuit.

The founder of the notorious ‘Proud Boys’ movement– an all-male fraternity started in the US– McInnes subscribes to the belief that western culture (and specifically white men) are under siege. Last week, the FBI categorised ‘Proud Boys’ as an “extremist threat” with ties to “white nationalism” after several violent attacks across America.

McInnes himself has long held the opinion that “fighting solves everything” adding that Trump supporters should “Choke a motherfucker. Choke a bitch. Choke a tranny. Get your fingers around a windpipe.”

“Beating the shit out of people? I think it’s our job to do it and the cops turn a blind eye. I want violence.”

Despite this, the Australian government has so far refrained from commenting on the status of McInnes’ visa, leading many to fear his planned “comedy tour” scheduled early in December will move ahead.

The “Deplorables” tour, has VIP tickets costed at $995 and is set to move ahead in Adelaide, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Former refugee and now prominent lawyer, Nyadol Nyuon started the petition with Change.org, calling on Minister Coleman to take a stand and deny McInnes from entering the country. It reads:

“The thought of Gavin McInnes coming to this country to spread hate is extremely concerning. The fact that his hate speech is often accompanied by violence which is extremely concerning.  A man who encourages violence, who formed a gang labelled a hate group and that serially engages in violence should not be allowed into Australia. We should not allow Australia to become the last hope of such a group.

I believe any Australians who care about a fair and just society should not accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: No, Australia is not the last hope for a violent extremist.”

Indeed, for a government intent on eradicating terrorism, it seems an odd omission to allow an individual, deemed a danger, into the country. Hopefully 80,000 people (and three influential women) can change their minds.




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