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Better politics for 2013 and ensuring women count: What should change?

Yes, women vote too. Now at the end of 2012 and following a particularly vitriolic year in Australia politics as well as the outcome of the US Presidential Election, we don’t need to remind our elected officials of that.

But we do need to continually articulate just what issues matter to women, and remind those in power when and where the debate’s gone so sour in the past.

Given it’s the last parliamentary sitting day of the year today, we thought we’d put the call out to hear from you on how this parliamentary year shaped the debate for you. What have the telling moments? When have you felt inspired, if at all? When have you felt like burying your head in a bucket of sand in the hope that it’d all just go away?

And what do you want from our elected officials in 2013? How would you like to see the debate develop/evolve/change in the lead up the next election?

Leave your thoughts below and join in on the debate on Twitter with #womenvotetoo

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