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Bill Shorten’s letter to Tony Abbott on women’s support services

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Two weeks ago, our incoming editor Jane Gilmore interviewed Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, specifically on the subject of domestic and family violence.

During the interview, Jane raised concerns about the ‘Hey Sis, We’ve Got Your Back‘ Aboriginal Women Sexual Assault Network, which is about to close due to a lack of funding. Shorten promised to raise the matter with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and subsequently wrote to the PM asking for his assistance. 

Shorten is still waiting to hear back from the Prime Minister, but has shared the contents of his letter with us this morning.

While it might be difficult for the Prime Minister to respond immediatly, given that he is spending a week in the indignous communities in Torres Strait, Cape York and Western Australia, it is perhaps an odd time to ignore such a request. 

We’ll keep you posted. 

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