Collingwood players apologise for rating women in TikTok video

Collingwood players apologise for rating women in TikTok video


AFL players Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor have deleted and apologised for a video posted on TikTok where they rated women out of 10.

The Collingwood stars posted the video over the weekend which showed them describing women and giving them a rating. It follows a trend on TikTok where users rate women and men based on hypothetical characteristics.

“She’s a two, but she smells really nice,” Ginnivan says in the now deleted video.

Quaynor then replies: “Three. She’s a 10, but got some … teeth, like them teeth are going every which way, diagonal, everything.”

In a later part of the video, Quaynor said: “She’s a nine-and-a-half, but is homeless.”

Ginnivan replied: “Two”.

Following the removal of the video, the pair posted another video together apologising for their decision to take part in the trend.

“Hey guys, just wanted to jump on here and apologise for the TikTok video,” Quaynor said in the apology video.

“We did a trend that we did not think about before posting, and we are really sorry for making the mistake of participating in it and then posting it.

“We have since realised that it’s just not acceptable. It doesn’t align with the values that both of us hold. We’ll keep learning about what we should and shouldn’t post.”

Collingwood has also released a statement, saying the players now understand they shouldn’t have participated in the trend.

“The players have apologised to everyone at the club, across all programs, members and the wider community for the impact of their actions,” the statement said.

“In addition to apologising, both players will undertake further education on the appropriate use of social media with respect to the content they create.”

The incident comes after Collingwood has been dealing with a scandal involving another player Jordan De Goey, who was caught on video appearing to pull down a woman’s top in a nightclub in Bali.

De Goey has been fined $25,000 for his conduct and has issued an apology for the behaviour, where he also said he has been diagnosed with ADHD.

The apology has been roundly criticised, with many commentators saying ADHD should not be used an excuse for poor behaviour.

“Attributing disrespectful and abusive behaviour to an ADHD diagnosis is an insult to people with ADHD,” Full Stop Australia chief executive Hayley Foster told the Herald Sun.

“ADHD does not cause disrespectful attitudes ­towards women and girls.”

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