Nike Women's World Cup ad: 'Don't change your dream. Change the world'

‘Don’t change your dream. Change the world’: Nike’s Women’s World Cup ad

In the lead up to the Women’s World Cup in France, Nike has released a powerful new advertisement with a budding young female player, Makena Cook, as its star and a line up of some of the world’s best players.

Over the course of three minutes, to the soundtrack of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts’ “Bad Reputation”, the 10 year old Cook is thrust into matches to play out her dreams alongside her idols.

It starts with Cook in the players’ tunnel before a match between the Netherlands and Nigeria. Australia’s Sam Kerr, Brazil’s Andressa Alves and the Netherlands’ Lieke Martens are among those players who then take Cook’s hand and bring her along for the match.

The former England international Alex Scott, is imagined as the coach of the Barcelona men’s team, also features.

It is a fast-paced ad designed to get the heart racing, in a manner similar to the Serena Williams-narrated “Dream Crazier” ad that Nike released earlier this year.

Now, Nike wants us to “Dream Further”.

It ends with the line: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world.”

Like the Serena Williams ‘Dream Crazier’ ad, this has been lauded on social media. The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup begins on 7th of June.

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