Free webinar: Janine Garner on making connections & finding clarity during the pandemic

Free webinar: Janine Garner on making connections & finding clarity during the pandemic

Janine Garner

Women’s Agenda has been running a number of free webinars on a wide range of different topics during this period.

We’ve been covering everything from leadership in a crisis to women leading on climate change and how to tap into your resilience, and look forward to doing many more over the coming weeks and months.

Our webinars are FREE to view and participate in (sometimes thanks to the support of a partner), and we hope they can bring some comfort, ideas and interaction during this period.

This Wednesday at 12pm AEST April 22, we’re thrilled to be bringing our readers a session with Janine Garner, a superstar international speaker and author who has written extensively on making connections and nurturing your network.

Janine will be speaking on: Finding connections, clarity & calm during the pandemic.

Spaces are limited. Please register for the webinar here.

This session will explore how to strengthen and create important connections during this period of physical disconnection and fractured working environments.

It will also explore how to find clarity and calm in the uncertainty.

We’ve partnered with book publisher Wiley to provide this Wednesday’s webinar, as part of our ‘Knowledge For Now Hub’, aimed at presenting knowledge and ideas from leading experts that can equip us for some of the uncertainty we’re currently feeling. This extends on from The Thought Leaders Hub we started publishing in 2019.

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