Barnaby Joyce discovers Women Vote & accuses ABC of bias

Golly gosh wow wee: Barnaby Joyce discovers Women Vote

If there was any doubt about the interest the Federal member for New England, and former deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce has for policies impacting women in Australia his Twitter feed on Tuesday night was illuminating.

It seems he tuned into ABC’s The Drum for long enough to be horrified at a screen grab the program broadcast, but not long enough to consider the details. Like, where the information came from or why it was being shown.

Not realising the policy analysis shown was actually the work of Women Vote, a non-partisan group specifically borne from the frustration that there is not enough meaningful public debate on the issues that affect Australian women, Joyce took a swipe at ABC for its apparent bias.

WomenVote is led by three female barristers who wanted to ensure women’s voices were heard this election. As part of that mission the group has published a comprehensive election scorecard, identifying the commitment of the major parties to policy priorities that impact women, and this was the graphic that so offended Joyce.

The irony of him, a Nationals MP, being so disinterested in the substance of the scorecard that he didn’t even consider it and instead lashed out at the ABC is eye-watering.

It’s worth noting that the Women Vote’s scorecard noted the Nationals “have no specific policies to address the priorities for women”. No surprises there I suppose. If Barnaby Joyce is a barometer of the party it’s clear the interest in women is non-existent.


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