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Google gets a great supporter of women with new MD Maile Carnegie

Google has finally found a replacement for Nick Leader, announcing the appointment of Procter & Gamble boss Maile Carnegie as its managing director for Australia and New Zealand. 

Carnegie joined P&G in Sydney and has spent more than twenty years with the company, working in Australia, Singapore and the United States. She has been managing director for Australia and New Zealand for the last three years. 

She will begin her new role on July 15. 

Carnegie is an active promoter of flexible work, women in leadership, and affordable and accessible childcare. At P&G, five of the 11 board members are women, one in three senior managers is a woman and 50% of all managers are female.

She recently told Women’s Agenda the biggest impediment for women in corporate Australia is a lack of affordable childcare.

“As a percentage of after-tax income, childcare is incredibly expensive,” she said. “When you look at the numbers and where women’s participation falls off, it is typically around childbearing age. The cost and availability of childcare is a disproportionate barrier.”

She’s been instrumental in supporting policies at P&G that actively support parents when they re-enter the workforce.

“Quite often, what we find is most returning mothers or fathers don’t want a full-time flexible schedule, but want the option to work say four days a week. It’s typically not very difficult to accommodate that as an employer. The rates of women returning from maternity leave … at Procter & Gamble are very, very high – above 90%.”

“The goal that P&G has globally is to have our workforce reflect the customers that we’re serving,” Carnegie said. “Women represent a large percentage of people buying and using our products.

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