'It became a house of horrors': Julia Banks opens up on The Project on her exit from the Liberal Party

‘It became a house of horrors’: Julia Banks opens up on The Project on her exit from the Liberal Party

Julia Banks
Former Liberal MP turned cross bencher Julia Banks declared that the Liberal Party is decades behind the business world in relation to women, while delivering a blistering assessment of the situation to Lisa Wilkinson on The Project last night.

“It wasn’t until I got in the inside that I realised how bad it was,” she told Wilkinson.

“I thought the liberal party would be a slick corporate machine, but it wasn’t that at all… in relation to women it was decades behind the business world.”

Banks then went further to admit she had “experienced and witnessed an entrenched culture of anti-women behaviour.” She named this as the primary reason for her exit from the party.

In terms of Malcolm Turnbull’s removal from office last year, Banks said it had nothing to do with interests of the nation.

“It was purely an act of revenge and of people wanting to be in positions of power.”

Pressed by Wilkinson as to who orchestrated Turnbull’s removal, Banks named names.

“It was certainly led by Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, Greg Hunt, they were the primary movers,” she admitted.

“I don’t think I have to explain to the Australian public about Tony Abbott. It is very well documented.”

According to Banks, the departure of various moderate Liberal MPs from politics in recent months including Julie Bishop, shows the “power of the conservative force” in the party. She also noted that she voted for Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull in last year’s leadership spill.

“In the business world, if you laid out the three CVs on the table… Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop, you’d turf the other two out and say she’s the one,” Banks said.

“Julie Bishop is the prime minister we should have had and never will have.”

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