Marlene Kairouz becomes third minister to quit cabinet

Marlene Kairouz quits Premier Daniel Andrews’ cabinet

Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Marlene Kairouz has quit her ministerial responsibilities in the Premier Daniel Andrews’ Government, following the branch stacking allegations reported on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Kairouz released a statement on the decision, noting that she no longer wants these matters to be a distraction to the government, and that they have placed “enormous pressure on my family and cause them great distress.”

She added that she looks forward to clearing her name and is “confident any investigative process wil do so. I note that these matters do not relate to any allegations of criminality or corruption.”

“I will continue to serve my electorate of Kororoit, which remains the greatest honour of my life.”

She is the third minister to leave Cabinet, following Robin Scott who resigned yesterday.

Premier Andrews said he believed that Kairouz’s resignation is the “appropriate course of action”, that it was “her own decision”, and he urged media to refer to her statement as he won’t be running commentary on the investigations that are currently underway by both IBAC and Victoria Police.

Premier Andrews sacked Adem Somyurek from his Cabinet on Monday morning, following the allegations of branch stacking, along with offensive comments made about his colleague, Gabrielle Williams.

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