NASA cancels all-female spacewalk claiming its suits don't fit women

NASA cancels all-female spacewalk because its suits aren’t the right size for women

In an excuse reminiscent of “the dog ate my homework”, US space agency NASA has cancelled its historic all-female spacewalk claiming its suits simply don’t fit women.

Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were due to take their spacewalk together on March 29, but when NASA confirmed it had cancelled the event “due in part to spacesuit availability”, both women were shocked.

In a press release NASA states that “following the first spacewalk, mission managers decided to adjust the assignments, due in part to spacesuit availability on the station. McClain learned during her first spacewalk that a medium-size hard upper torso – essentially the shirt of the spacesuit – fits her best.

Because only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it.”

“Make another suit” tweeted Hillary Clinton upon hearing the news.

Seems obvious, right?

It is hard to fathom that an organisation as geared towards planning and precision as NASA could overlook such a basic requirement.

The organisation is now facing accusations of sexism with women globally adding their two cents.

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