Nancy Pelosi announces Donald Trump impeachment inquiry

‘No one is above the law’: Nancy Pelosi announces Donald Trump impeachment inquiry

Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry
“The President must be held accountable. No-one is above the law,” the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in Washington upon announcing an official impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump earlier this morning Australian time.

The investigation follows allegations that Trump pressured the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to compete for the White House in the 2020 presidential election, in return for millions of dollars in military aid.

If true, Pelosi said this would amount to a “betrayal of his oath of office” and “a betrayal of national security”.

Trump has described the inquiry as both a ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘Presidential Harassment’.

A whistleblower from within the US intelligence community lodged a complaint about the conversation, and both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reported the complaint on Friday.

Since then pressure has been mounting on Pelosi to instigate an impeachment inquiry.

Earlier this morning the President said he had obtained permission to release the transcript from the conversation.

The U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has criticised the inquiry and voiced his support for Donald Trump.

“It simply confirms that House Democrats’ priority is not making life better for the American people, but their nearly three-year-old fixation on impeachment,” he said in a statement.

The US Senate voted unanimously to call for the release of the whistleblower complaint about the call.

An impeachment inquiry will take time and is politically risky. As the ABC’s North American correspondent, Conor Duffy, said earlier today: “As it plays out, it carries huge political risk for Democrats. Polls have consistently shown American voters don’t like impeachment.”

The transcript, expected to be released on Wednesday in America, will shed some light on whether the Democrats have acted appropriately.

Trump’s re-election campaign has already jumped on the inquiry to mobilise fundraising efforts.

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