Pauline Hanson told to "reflect on what you have done" over Burqa stunt

Pauline Hanson told to ‘reflect on what you have done’ after burqa stunt

Images of One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa in the Senate will be on every news bulletin tonight. We can only hope Senator George Brandis’ response to the stunt also makes the cut.

Politicians and journalists alike were confused by Hanson’s decision to appear in Question Time wearing a burqa. She later dramatically removed the garment.

It was as shameful, and cringe-worthy, as you might expect.

Hanson pulled the stunt in order to draw attention to her motion calling for the ban of the burqa, due for debate later today.

A number of senators audibly voiced their disgust in response to her antics, but the big takedown came from George Brandis.

He said wearing the garment to deliberately mock a community was an “appalling thing to do” and urged Hanson to “reflect” on what she’d done.

“I am not going to pretend to ignore the stunt that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the Chamber dressed in a burqa when we all know that you are not an adherent of the Islamic faith,” he said.

“I would caution and counsel you with respect to be very, very careful of the offence you may do to the religious sensibilities of other Australians.”

Brandis received a standing ovation from the opposite side of the chamber, including from both Labor and Greens senators. His own party were a little more subtle in their applause.


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