Podcast: How to stay resilient in business & career, with Angela Vithoulkas

Podcast: How to stay resilient in business and career, with Angela Vithoulkas

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Resilience is so important in a career or business.

But what happens when you hit those low points in a career? When things go beyond your control? What happens when you’re potentially about to lose your job or business or something else?

Independent Councillor for the City of Sydney Angela Vithoulkas recently joined the Women’s Agenda podcast again, but this time to discuss one of the most difficult periods of her career.

Vithoulkas announced in August that she was closing the cafe she opened with her brother 16 and a half years ago, Vivo Cafe, a well-known coffee and lunch spot on George St in Sydney.

Vithoulkas, who is also the founder of The Small Business Party, also recently announced she’s running for the seat of Wentworth, at the upcoming by-election on October 6.

As well as discussing resilience, the two Angela’s also share how we can make life and work easier for female business owners.

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