Tegan George launches case against Network 10, naming Peter van Onselen

Political reporter Tegan George launches case against Network 10, naming Peter van Onselen

Tegan George

Political reporter Tegan George has launched a court action against her employer, Network 10, naming its political editor, Peter van Onselen in court documents.

George alleges her treatment at the television network amounted to unlawful conduct in breach of fair work laws, and argued it damaged her career and mental health.

George has worked as a political reporter at Network 10’s Canberra parliament house bureau since 2019. She has been on leave since June 2021.

In the action, she claims that she was denied a safe workplace and suffered “hurt, humiliation and distress” at work, and lost opportunities to advance her career at the network.

Peter van Onselen is Network 10’s political editor and regularly hosts The Project. He is also a contributing editor at The Australian newspaper.

George has alleged she had often been expected to write van Onselen’s news packages, on top of her own work load. She claims Network 10 and its management did nothing about her treatment.

Workplace lawyer Josh Bornstein is acting for George.

In light of news of George’s action against Network 10, Four Corner journalist Louise Milligan wrote on Twitter: “Hoping Tegan George is OK. Without commenting on the particular circumstances here, it’s always difficult for women to take on their employer in these sorts of cases. When it’s as high-profile as this, it’s a huge undertaking.”

Tracey Spicer wrote: “It’s incredibly difficult for one woman to stand up against a TV network. Scared the crap out of me when I did it back in 2006. Again, without commenting on the particular allegations – that’s a matter for the court – Tegan George is courageous.”

Many others wrote messages of support for George.

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